Self-Tape Success + The Mindset Of Booking

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Trust your instincts + deliver stand-out auditions
  • Let go of pushing, showing + overacting
  • Discover where your focus should really be
  • Release self-doubt + second-guessing
  • Cultivate the mindset that books more work

Be ready for the new normal.

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Running Time: 13:45



Product Description

Be ready for the new normal.

There are three wise words that the late, great and legendary actress + renowned teacher Uta Hagen’s once said to me in an acting class, that has not only helped me to book all kinds of acting work over the years, but still rings true now more than ever:

Trust. Your. Instincts.

We are naturally instinctive beings, but as actors, when we are constantly looking for some perfect “method” or how to do things “right,” we often train ourselves away from the inner knowing + natural creative impulses that we innately have.

Now that self-tapes are becoming an industry standard, and turn-around times and in-person feedback is decreasing, trusting your instincts, knowing your craft + owning who you are is more vital now than ever before.

Maintaining an abundance mindset around the entire self-taping process is also essential to bringing out your best work + one of the keys to booking.

When you’re finding fault, complaining, competing or comparing, you’re in a state of lack.

When you’re focusing on an outcome, whether it’s getting the job or seeking validation, you’re in a state of need.

This guided meditation + visualization is designed to help you reclaim your true power, let go of second-guessing yourself + ultimately deliver your best work.

When you can re-frame every audition as an opportunity to give something, and not to get something, you’ll begin to appreciate the entire process + light up in a whole new way.

This is the exact mindset that helped Bryan Cranston start booking at a completely new level many years ago…

He states,

“I wasn’t going to the audition to get anything: a job or money or validation. I wasn’t going to compete.
I was going to give something. I was there to give a performance.

If I attached to the outcome, I was setting myself up to expect, and thus to fail.

My job was to focus on character. My job was to be interesting. My job was to be compelling.

Take some chances. Serve the text. Enjoy the process.”

So now it’s your turn to practice trusting your instincts, letting go of the outcome and enjoying self-tape success + the mindset of booking.

​​So now it’s your turn to practice trusting your instincts, letting go of the outcome and enjoying self-tape success + the mindset of booking.

Needing the job + booking the job are completely different mindsets. Which one are you cultivating?

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