All Is Well (And Even Better Things Are Coming)

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Transform chaos into inner peace.
  • Let go of fear-based thinking.
  • Begin each day flowing positive energy.
  • Find strength in uncertain times.
  • Soothe your soul + recharge your spirit.

Quiet the ego + tune into the truth.    

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Running Time: 12:21



Product Description

Quiet the ego + you’ll tune into the truth.

Did you know that the fear-based ego mind is always looking for ways to make us feel that if we aren’t in control, we are failing?

The ego also wants us to think that if things don’t go exactly as we planned, that we have done something wrong and that if life isn’t going according to our timeline, that something is missing or we are flawed.

But what if, we could quiet the ego mind + realize the truth: that it is all perfect? 

What if everything that is or isn’t happening right now has a divine order and it’s all happening for your own evolution + even the evolution of the planet?

The higher mind knows this to be true.

The higher mind is perched way above the ego mind and is witnessing it all with love.

This guided meditation session will help you quickly tap into that higher mind, the inner knowing, the good feeling that no matter what may appear to be darkness right now, when we can witness it without acting out of fear, we can begin to step into the light.

As we access this unconditionally loving space within our hearts, we activate new possibilities that have never before been imagined.

This is the time for expansive change within ourselves + within the world.  

This is what all the chaos is calling forth from within you.

Whenever you feel tension mounting, the only thing left to do is let go, release resistance + relax back into love.

This is the time to step into to your own light + shine it brighter than ever before.

When you do, you’ll join the space where your higher mind resides.

You’ll know that all is well + even better things are coming.

When you know all is well, new possibilities begin to appear.

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