You Got This

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Overcome overwhelm + calm your nerves
  • Embody the outcome you desire
  • Quell your anxiety, fear or worry.
  • Empower you to get outside your comfort zone
  • Mentally prepare yourself to risk boldly

You feel because you care. You got this.

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Running Time: 07:19 (with intro)



Product Description

You feel because you care. You got this.

Being a creative warrior often means stepping outside of your comfort zone, day in and day out.

I hope by now, you realize that this level of bravery + expansion is rare.
Most people would rather stay comfortable, stay safe + retreat.

But since you are a rare warrior, you test yourself, push yourself + challenge yourself to grow.

It’s not always comfortable, but in doing so, day by day, your identity + how you see yourself shifts. And over time, you expand into all you were meant to become.

So, whether you’re getting nervous just before an audition or a job, or you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the plates you have spinning in your life at this moment, this quick + powerful guided meditation + visualization will serve as a loving reminder, that you got this.

In the process, you’ll befriend all of the emotions + sensations that might get stirred up within you as you step outside your comfort zone, and in doing so, you will reclaim your power.

Then anytime you risk boldly or dare greatly, and you start to get nervous, afraid, fearful or concerned, instead of retreating, you will have trained your brain to know that yes, this exactly how you should be feeling. You feel, because you care.

And with that growth mindset, you’ll start doing more things that scare you, feeling the feelings along the way, and telling yourself, “you got this.”

Step outside your comfort zone. Discover your true potential.

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