Elevating Your Perspective (Creating New Possibilities)

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Let go of judgment + self-criticism
  • Shift low-energy thought patterns
  • Learn how to “bet” on yourself
  • Start loving your journey again
  • Create space for new manifestations

Judge less. Elevate more.

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Running Time: 12:46



Product Description

Judge less. Elevate more.

So often we’re wrapped up in our own story of how things are going, and the meaning we attach to it through our limited perspective, that we can’t see the highest evolutionary vision of what’s really happening + why it matters.

If we don’t pause + become mindful of our default patterns and perspectives, we can’t elevate, shift or change the story of our lives.

But when we step back and press pause, we can remind ourselves that we have the freedom and power to choose and redirect our thoughts, perspectives + beliefs.

It is in our mindful awareness that we can craft a more elevated + empowering story that will create the space for new possibilities + new manifestations to flow our way.

It is the story we tell that determines how our path unfolds.

The good news is it all begins within and every Spotlight Club tool is designed to help you make this mindset a daily practice.

This guided meditation visualization will help you release all negative judgment + practice elevating your perspective + creating new possibilities.

What if you started betting on yourself?

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