I Am Enough

This Guided Meditation/Visualization session will help you:

  • Change how you see yourself
  • Dissolve your inner critic’s voice + release it’s hold
  • Cultivate a deep knowing that you are enough
  • Change your beliefs + ignite your confidence
  • See your future from an empowered perspective

The “I AM” statements you make today are the preview of what is coming into your life tomorrow.

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Running Time: 11:36


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Product Description

The “I AM” statements you make today are the preview of what is coming into your life tomorrow.

Do you consciously realize the subconscious I AM statements you currently hold about yourself?

What do you say to yourself silently on a daily basis…what do you say to others.’

I am not far enough along.
I am not booking enough.

I am not pretty, young, skinny enough.
I am not talented enough.
I am not connected enough.
I am not smart enough.I am not driven enough.
I am __________ (fill in your inner critic’s favorite limiting belief)

They all boil down to one common denominator feeling that so many actors share: “I am not enough”

You are a powerful creator + a powerful limiter of the good you seek.

You have the freedom to create an amazing life or to sabotage yourself at every turn. How?

Possibilities + opportunities are largely a result of how you see yourself. One set of beliefs closes down possibilities. And yet, when you have the tools to unlearn those beliefs, you allow possibilities to appear, seemingly from out of nowhere.

It all begins with the thoughts you think about you. You also have the power to change them.

Limiting thoughts + beliefs so often are actually something we took on from others—parents, teachers, coaches, you name it….many of the influencers in our lives didn’t have a belief in their own selves, and the,y often unknowingly, passed it along to you.

If you want to produce real change + experience new success in your life, re-programming your thoughts + beliefs are vital.

Every single “I am” statement you make about yourself (I am broke, fat, too old, not booking, etc.….) all come down to one Universal “I AM” belief, I am not enough. So reversing this declaration at the subconscious level can provide huge shifts in your life,

I am enough is a powerful declaration statement that triggers the brain + subconscious mind to find more evidence that matches this thought. The more you retrain your brain to know this, the more you will begin to have experiences that align with this knowing.

I Am Enough Is a guided meditation + visualization audio session that will help retrain your brain to own this declaration, to know it + to believe it. It will guide you to see the path that lights up for you when you begin to declare this statement daily.

This audio is also designed to teach you to recognize when your ego (who loves to keep you safe and is fearful of change) is trying to keep you stuck with a limiting belief + give you the tools to instantly dissolve your inner critic’s hold on you.

You will begin to create a daily habit of becoming more conscious of how you speak to yourself AND know how to make a conscious effort to alter it.

When you use this audio again and again, you will ignite the powerful energy + deep knowing within you that you are enough and you will bring that new confidence into every room, meeting, audition, rehearsal and on every job.

You will also begin to stop judging yourself by the outside circumstances in your career. You’ll cultivate the feeling “I Am Enough” within you, no matter what is going on on the outside. When this is the case, you become magnetic, joyful + excited to take action from this new + empowered perspective..

What would your day, week and year look like if you really felt this way all the time? What if you had a tool to help you stop criticizing yourself + belittling your achievements? What might start showing up for you?

When you start feeling you are enough, magical things begin to happen.

Listening to this audio will help you to trust your instincts, trust your work + ultimately, trust yourself.

You are enough. Own it. Know it. Believe it. Become it.

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