Finding Joy

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Stop chasing, seeking and searching
  • Align with your true power
  • Manifest more easily + effortlessly
  • Let go of questioning + worrying
  • Find more happiness immediately

Your true power lies in finding joy.    

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Running Time: 12:00



Product Description

Your true power lies in finding joy.

Sometimes we get so busy searching and seeking and looking for something or someone to complete us or make us feel whole or make us feel like we’ve accomplished something that we fail to realize our joy is right here at this moment.

This is also where our true power lies.

Best selling author Abraham Hicks declares, “Most rarely align with their true power because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxing, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss.” 

Most believe in pushing their way through.  But when things aren’t showing up, and you’re feeling bad about it in any way, it’s always a reminder to return to find your joy.

And instead of making joy this magical + elusive feeling hidden inside the next big job, the next milestone or any other kind of accomplishment, what if the joy you’re seeking could be found in the next moment?

Because the irony here is that this is where your true power and all your joy are living.

All it takes is for you to become consciously aware + recognize them.

Your ego will try to trick you and convince you that your joy is wrapped up + hidden inside shiny things, in a fat bank account, in red carpet moments, or the holding of awards.

And although I believe you can have all of those things, if that is your desire, I also know it’s not where you’ll find your joy, especially if you can’t find your joy right here.  Today.  At this moment.  It will always elude you.

So don’t hide your joy or power in some fantastical future moment, person or material object.   It’s not there.

This guided meditation will help you to start finding joy. Right here.  Right now.

This session will help you to train your brain to recognize the beauty of this very moment, and the joy + power it holds, instead of always seeking the next big thing to bring it to you.

And what you’ll come to find with this mindfulness practice, is that as you start finding joy in your life right now, all kinds of manifestations will begin finding you.

And in the process, you’ll start having so much fun along the journey, that the destination might not even matter anymore.

And when you let go of needing it to give you something you think you don’t have, that’s precisely when it can come.

Enjoy using this powerful guided meditation to help you tap into your true power, which always lies in finding joy.

Joy isn’t hidden in the next big thing. It’s right here.

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