Getting Out Of Your Own Way

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Dismantle the internal struggle
  • Reclaim your true power
  • Manifest things more easily
  • Let go of pushing + needing
  • Find more joy now

It all begins within.

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Running Time: 15:50



Product Description

It all begins within.

It’s amazing how so many things can be going right in our lives, but we often choose to focus on the one thing that could be going better.

What we don’t realize is how often we are getting in our own way. How do we do this?

Best selling author Abraham-Hicks reminds us, “The only thing that keeps you from moving to where you really want to be, is talking about where you are. Incessantly.”

I’d like to add that even thinking about where you are, incessantly is not helping you to align with what you really want.

So this guided meditation + visualization is designed to serve as your own personal reset button when you feel yourself going down the rabbit hole of worry, doubt, fear or focusing on what isn’t here yet.

As you stop worrying about, talking about, thinking about + especially striving for the “thing you don’t have,” and you shift your focus on loving yourself where you are right now, you’ll find that with very little effort, your life will shift to match the energy of your focus.

Since we live in a vibrational Universe, tuning your energy from striving + needing (which repels) to thriving + loving (which attracts) shifts how things show up for you + the experience you have along the way.

This audio will help you to align your mind, change your state, shift your focus + enjoy the mindful practice of getting out of your own way.

Dismantle the internal struggle, reclaim your true power + manifest more easily.

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