I Am On The Perfect Path

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Find renewed joy in your journey
  • Release the grip on your goal
  • Create positive expectation + certainty
  • Let go of resistance that slows you down
  • Practice gratitude + uncover the next steps

Make peace with your path + the way will be revealed.

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Running Time: 13:36



Product Description

Make peace with your path + the way will be revealed.

When you want something + you doubt it, you add resistance to your own perfect path.

Sometimes when you see another having what it is you want, your ego may convince you that your timing is off, and that it’s not coming to you.

But that is just a game the critical mind likes to play to stay in control.

If there’s something you want, that isn’t coming, the best thing to do is soften how feel around the subject.

When you can release the significance you are giving to this thing, moment, experience, job, relationship you so desperately want, it will find its way to you.

When you realize, that you are of immense value right now, without this thing, and you relax into knowing that you are on the perfect path, unexpected wonderful surprises will begin to flow your way.

And what if, the unfolding of your perfect path was even better than you expected?

This guided meditation will help you to know you are right where you need to be and to help you let go of your preoccupation with the idea that your happiness lies in the obtainment of the next goal.

You will come to realize that the real key to getting there is finding as much joy as you can along the way.

As you create ease + flow, trust + certainty, you draw to you all that is needed to become who you are meant to be. Which is why you wanted to goal in the first place.

Using this guided meditation + visualization, you will come to know, deep in your heart, soul, body + mind that yes, “I am on the perfect path, exactly where I am right now.”

That sense of inner peace will not only set you free, it will guide you to exactly where you want to go, or maybe someplace even better.

When you want something + doubt it, you add resistance to your own perfect path.

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