Ignite The Light Within + Quiet The Critical Mind

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:
  • Let go of the inner turmoil + quiet the inner critic.
  • Release judgments of where you should be by now.
  • Tap into your unlimited potential.
  • Shift your perspective to create bold new changes.
  • Access the wisdom you crave to have your best year yet.

When you tap into the light within you, you have access to every possibility that exists. 

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Running Time: 15:30




Product Description

When you tap into the light within you, you have access to every possibility that exists. 

The critical mind is busy every day labeling every single part of our lives – and often presenting a rather slanted point of view – that somehow we haven’t done enough, that we should be further along by now or that what we have done might not be the right path.  This happens often as the year comes to a close + we take inventory of our lives + careers so far, but the critical mind can also make us feel this way any day of the year.

Critical judgement can convince us that we are somehow not doing it all fast enough, good enough or big enough.

This way of thinking happens when we are living in our heads + not connecting with our hearts.

When we are heart-centered, we ignite the light within us + more easily tap into who we really are without labels + judgments.  

Connecting to the heart is a sacred space that the mind cannot penetrate.  In fact, judgement ceases to exist here.

When you ignite the light within you + tune into stillness, you find the answers you’ve been seeking.  Finally you can see the perfection of all that has happened to you + that you’ve been on the perfect path that has led you to this moment, wounds and all.

“The wound is the place the light enters.” – Rumi

Deepak Chopra teaches us that our truest self is always living in the light.  He reminds us that when clouds are present, the sun’s light does not come + go, that it’s light is steady + only appears to be darkened.  We can use this imagery to better understand the perceived dark clouds that may have appeared in our lives this year.

“The sun’s support is always unconditional + constant, but our perception is clouded or not especially clear.  Perception is a powerful influence on us.  We can perceive ourselves as we are weak, diminished, fearful + unloved, but through the practice of meditation, clarity begins to dawn.” – Deepak Chopra

I created this guided visualization to help you quiet the critical mind + go on a journey of clarity to the heart of who you are – the part of you that knows that within every perceived challenge is a gift + that behind every cloud, the sun is always shining.

This audio will help you follow a path where you look at what has unfolded so far in your own life from the heart, rather than the head, and allow the clouds of darkness + confusion to lift so that you may ignite the light within + begin your best year yet.   This is the most important gift to give this holiday – your deep connection to the light within you.

When you ignite the light within, you emulate the glow of a shining star. 

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