Loving It All

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Release judgment + criticism more easily
  • Rewrite your negative story
  • Expand your self-compassion
  • Invite in more abundance + joy
  • Transform limitation + blocks

What if it was all happening to awaken you?    

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Running Time: 10:56



Product Description

What if it was all happening to awaken you?

So often we search outside ourselves for what we really need.

We search for ways to feel good, and often run in fear of feeling anything less than what we deem as “positive emotions.”

But what if feeling all emotions were positive?
What if every emotion you feel throughout your day was here to awaken you?
And what if you could start loving it all?

We often spend our time judging, criticizing + labeling ourselves + our emotions + then adding to the story of what it all means.

What if, throughout your day, whatever thought or emotion was getting your attention, you could simply send love to it?

This might feel unfamiliar or even difficult at first.

You might even wonder, how can I love myself all the time?  But you can.

And this audio will serve as an easy guide.

In his best-selling book, Whatever Arises Love That, Matt Kahn states,
“Every time you send love to your heart, it gets subconsciously recorded as a vote of familiarity.  Even just one “I love you” acts as a precedence-setting moment once you are able to honor yourself unlike any other time in the past.”
He also states,
“the body tends to function as a living expression of the most popular phrase recorded in your subconscious mind.”

This guided meditation will help to rewrite the story you are telling yourself and begin to recognize love as a very familiar experience.

And not just when you are feeling good, but when you are feeling anything.

As you love whatever arises, you realize that love is something you don’t have to earn, but something that you already are.

You’ll be guided to tune into your own highest self, who is always looking at you, no matter where you are on your journey or how you are feeling or what you are thinking + loving it all.

Rewrite your story.  Lead with love.  

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