Permission To Be At Peace

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Foster feelings of inner peace within minutes
  • Let go of internal or external chaos
  • Remove barriers that block your light
  • Release self-doubt, blame, shame + guilt
  • Become an up-lifter in the world

How do you create peace in the world?  Create peace within first. 

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Running Time: 14:39



Product Description

How do you create peace in the world?  Create peace within first.

With so many factors going on in the world and in our daily lives that are out of control. it is more important than ever before to give your self permission to be at peace + letting go of inner chaos.

When we depend on external circumstances and people to change to bring us peace, whether it is in relationships or politics or career success, we are left feeling powerless and stuck.

Peace comes from within.
From non-judgment.
From self-compassion.
From tuning into who you really are.

When that peace is fostered within first, it then spreads more easily to the world outside of us, to our families, to our communities, to our countries, and to the world.

But it must first begin within.

It begins with the knowing that as you give yourself permission to be at peace today, then you become the light that uplifts another.

This is not a selfish act, but actually a giving of yourself in a positive way.

The ego would rather have us live inside a cloud of internal and external chaos. The ego will fight this idea of inner peace, because the ego will be asked to give up control.

And as we connect back with the truth of who we really are and who we can choose to show up being each and every day, we will soon feel a weight lifted, the inner chaos subside and inner peace return in a matter of minutes.

From this place, you will be an up-lifter in the world.
From this place you can then go out and do good things and create change.

This guided meditation + visualization audio session will help you release all the shields you may have put up that are blocking your inner light and inner peace, those of self-doubt, of blame, of shame and guilt.

Deepak Chopra states: “These (self-doubt, blame, shame + guilt) are powerful barriers not just to healing, but to happiness, peace and fulfillment.”

Since judgment against the self is always a mistake and will never lead you to where you want to go, use this guided meditation to help give yourself permission to be at peace and let go of inner chaos.

Inner peace is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you.

Here’s what people are saying:

I was always a person who got so affected by people’s attitude and how they treated me…

It has helped me so much to breathe in Inner Peace and let go of Inner Chaos, I was recently in a photoshoot and the photographer was a nightmare but, I knew that this shoot was for me, so I couldn’t let him get to me. So every time I changed outfits, I breathed in Inner Peace and released Inner Chaos. I had no idea how I did but I kept my peace. When the pictures came out they were amazing and I looked so happy, bright and glowing. I was so proud of myself for keeping my inner peace and being able to be of service to myself. I am so grateful for this audio Wendy. It has given my heart rest.
~ Jesani Drew, The X Factor, The Dark Knight Rises

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