Radical Appreciation

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Let go of worry, doubt + fear
  • Renew your focus + energy
  • Expand your confidence
  • Shift your perspective
  • Visualize the future you

As I think, I create. As I feel, I attract As I imagine, I become.    

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Running Time: 11:11



Product Description

As I think, I create. As I feel, I attract. As I imagine, I become.

Often, we spend so much time wishing we were further along, when the real key to getting to wherever we want to go is to feel radical appreciation for where we are + all it has caused us to desire.

It is in the new desire, that our expansion is born.  But if we spend most of our time berating ourselves for where we are today, we actually move in the opposite direction of this new desire.

Buddha says:
What we think, we create.
What we feel, we attract.
What we imagine we become.

So the perfect stance for manifesting more AND finding happiness along the way, is radical appreciation for this moment + all you’ve become SO far.  And then, from that unconditionally loving place, imagining it as you want it to be.

This guided meditation + visualization is designed to help you quiet your mind, focus your energy in a positive way + visualize what you want easily + effortlessly.
Listening to this audio will help you practice looking at who you’ve become + where you want to go from the space of radical appreciation.

This guided meditation + visualization was created to help you connect deeply with your highest self, your most abundant self + create each thought, word + action from this newly aligned place.

Begin with appreciation + watch what shifts.

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