The Power Of Intuition

This guided meditation session will help you:

  • Tap into your intuitive intelligence instantly
  • Connect to your inner knowing + get inspiration
  • Eliminate procrastination + self-doubt
  • Gain clarity on which path to pursue next
  • Discover answers to your deepest questions

The answers already lie within you. Get quiet enough to hear them.
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Running Time: 11 minutes



Product Description

The answers already lie within you. Get quiet enough to hear them.

The answers to your deepest questions already lie within you.

Yet, often we either keep ourselves too busy with action to stop + listen to the intuitive intelligence within or we search relentlessly outside ourselves for the answers, the approval, or the nod that we should go this way or do it that way.

Since your intuition is always there, always guiding you, it is time to get quiet enough to listen to it, especially when the daily grind of life + everyday tasks can overwhelm you or pull your focus away from what is truly important.

That’s why I created this guided meditation to help you tap into your inner guidance. The part of you that knows exactly how to do the audition sides, give the performance, make career decisions + major life decisions. The power is already within you.

Carl Jung believed that intuition was one of the most important abilities that humans have. And we all have it. As actors, tapping into it can be vital to our success, happiness + well-being.

“We always get warnings from our heart and our intuition when they appear, but we are often too busy to notice.”
– From Arianna Huffington’s new book, Thrive.

The theory behind this guided meditation is that you can see more clearly in a pond of water that is still, then one that is turbulent. The same goes for your mind. You’ll be able to more clearly hear your wise inner knowing once any chaos within you has become calm.

This guided meditation is intended to help you quiet your mind, calm your soul + strengthen the power of your intuition so you can find the answers you are seeking – that already lie within.

“Have the courage to follow your heart + intuition….Everything else is secondary.”
– Steve Jobs

Listening to your intuition is vital to your success.

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