Trusting Your Intuition + Expecting Good Things

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Tap into your greatest superpower
  • Let go of judging + criticizing yourself
  • Eliminate stress, worry + overthinking
  • Free your mind + tune into your heart
  • Gain clarity on your positive path

Transform your life. Tap into your superpower

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Running Time: 14:00



Product Description

Transform your life. Tap into your superpower

Buddha states, “Each morning, we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

So no matter what happened yesterday, last week or even this past year, remember that all of your power lies in what you do today + where you choose to focus.

So instead of scrolling and comparing, judging and criticizing, which is all the mind ever wants to do, let’s tap into a power much greater, that’s already within you, the power of the heart + your intuition.

Your heart knows what it wants, who you want to become and even how to get there, and is calling you forward in every moment throughout your day.

The question is, have you been listening?

This guided meditation + visualization is designed to help you let go of any stress or worry, any struggle or over-thinking, so you can free your mind, and practice tuning into your heart.

Your intuition is a muscle, and as you continue to use it, it will get stronger.

Best selling author Abraham Hicks states, “Your past will literally be transformed, by the alignment of your present.”

Taking time to tune into your own intuition daily, will align you with this present moment, and lead you forward on a positive path.

It all begins with a daily practice of trusting your intuition + expecting good things.

All of your answers lie within. Allow your intuition to lead the way.

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