Success Begins Here….

    Many actors are starting this week feeling overwhelmed, frustrated + not knowing where to begin to create the success they crave in 2021.

    But if you were with me throughout The 5-Day Success Breakthrough Experience and my Free Masterclasses this past week, you are feeling lighter, clearer, empowered, focused, recharged and excited for the road ahead.

    My heart is so full today, as thousands of actors from all over the world joined me in learning how to shed all kinds of limitations, fear, self doubt and now know the exact steps to take to begin their breakthrough year. 

    In fact, inside of 90 minutes, those who came to my Live Masterclass Encores this weekend shared these vulnerable moments with me….


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    I’ve spent the last 7 days watching brave + committed actors dive inward + take an honest look at what’s been stopping them from creating more success + happiness in their acting careers + their personal lives

    Here’s what I want to share with you today – as we begin the 3rd week of 2021.

    To radically transform your career,
    you must first radically transform your inner game.

    Yes, it all begins, by looking within.

    Why? Well, real transformation can’t happen without conscious awareness…

    Yes. When I acknowledge + accept, I can transform.

    For most actors, it’s way easier to spend the day/month/year blaming their agents, weight, looks, age, lack of connections or number of auditions for their lack of results.

    (And quite frankly, most coaches and classes will convince you to get “busy doing more” to change all those outer circumstances). 

    But what thousands of actors uncovered with me last week was that the actual act of blaming, was the thing that was not only keeping them in victim mode, but it was also the very thing that was keeping them stuck. (And they realized that getting “busy doing more” was not the answer).

    Then you acknowledge that the #1 factor that determines your success, is not that big long list of things you are blaming for the lack of it, but rather your core belief system that lies underneath it all.

    And if you never acknowledge and accept how you might be buying into these limiting beliefs, you can’t transform anything in your life or your career.

    So, today, here’s where you can create the success you crave:

    Write down what you have been blaming lately for your results.  List them all.  


    1. Acknowledge it.
    2. Accept it.
    3. And transform it by first stating, “I commit to no longer blaming_____________” and then state your list out loud.

    Declaring it will help you to really see how you’ve been using outside circumstances as an excuse to keep you from moving forward and taking inspired action.

    I’ve been helping actors worldwide let go of blame, shame, guilt, and the weight they’ve been carrying on their shoulders.  And I’ve been moved to tears reading their comments.

    Watch the REPLAY of my empowering Free Masterclass where I’ll help you dig even deeper + give you tools to reclaim your power and walk you through my 5 steps process to create success breakthroughs.

    And if you want to really commit to radically transforming your career (and personal happiness) this year, then check out my Success Breakthrough Workshop online course.

    I’ve helped over 770 actors go from feeling unsure, doubtful + hopeless to confident, courageous and booking more jobs, winning awards + walking the red-carpet – all while living a much more joy-filled life. And the class of 2021 is getting ready to begin.  Learn more about the course here. (Early Bird Pricing + Bonuses go away Jan. 25th)

    Whether you use any of my tools and teachings or find your own methods, my wish for you this year is to know that you can radically transform your career, but it all begins with an inner shift.

    Let me know in the comments below what you learned about yourself this past week.  I love hearing from you.

    Here’s to your breakthrough,


    P.S. Here’s what actors are saying about the Free Masterclass. Access The Replay Here.

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