Why Taking ‘Massive Action’ Isn’t Always The Best Way To Start 2020

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    Are you starting the year taking “massive action” on your goals?

    Does it feel light + fun? Or does it feel daunting + like a lot of work?

    I’ve decided to help you jumpstart your January in a whole new way – with video! Woo Hoo!

    And today I’m gonna reveal why taking “massive action” towards your goals might not be the best way to begin the New Year, why most actors won’t see results in 2020, and how to not be one of them.

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    In fact, this video is part of a brand new free 3-Part Training Series I put together for you called Success Breakthrough Secrets For Actors, where in the next 7 days, I will guide you to release whatever is blocking you, let go of limitation + align with what you REALLY want in 2020.

    I’m giving you insider tips + actionable strategies to make this your best year yet

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    And if you’re feeling frustration or doubt as you tackle your goal list this month….here’s a little hint why it might be time to pause + reset.

    Maybe your list for 2020 looks like this right now – filled with all kinds of things you think you “should do” to make it happen as an actor.

    You’re thinking  “I should….”

    1. Create my own webseries.
    2. Post on Facebook, Twitter + Instagram.
    3. Write + star in a short film.
    4. Make more phone calls.
    5. Go to more workshops
    6. Do more marketing.
    7. Go to networking events.
    8. And on and on and on…

    If this list is leaving you feeling overwhelmed (I would be too!), do yourself a favor + watch today’s video.

    I’m gonna help you let go of that “should-do” list + make space for what you really want!

    In fact, I know if you join me in this free training, by next Monday, you might just have a real success breakthrough.

    That is my wish for you.

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    Love + Gratitude,

    Wendy Braun

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