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This Is Getting In The Way Of Your Success

You may have heard (or seen) that Will Smith bungee jumped out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon on his 50th birthday. Just before jumping he said, “Anytime I’m scared of something, I feel compelled to attack it.”

His words and actions have always inspire me.

Doing the things that have scared me over the years have definitely expanded my life in wonderful ways.

One of my favorite truth bombs he shared was this:
You can’t experience the joy that is intended for you in life if you don’t go. Don’t hesitate. Commit.
So what gets in most people’s way of going for the life (and career) that they want?
What gets in the way of your own success? Resistance.

That inner voice that tells you:

You can’t.
You shouldn’t.
Who are you to dream big?
You might fail.
You’re not _____ enough. (however you tend to fill in the blank)

Sometimes this is a voice we heard repeatedly in childhood, and as adults, we’ve turned those nay-saying voices into our own.

Often, the inner critic’s volume is so loud, so strong and so believable that we stop.

We don’t go.
We don’t create.
We don’t take risks.
We don’t ask for help.

What do we do instead?

We allow fear to keep us from dreaming big.
We allow the unknown to keep us from trying.
We allow negative thoughts to keep us from expanding.

It’s all resistance. It’s all a lie. And it’s all a little game your ego (critical mind) is playing on your true self (creative mind.).

Will Smith has had a lot of practice over the years at facing his fears.

It’s not that he doesn’t have an inner critic voice, It’s just that he’s learned how to turn down the volume of it, to not stop and analyze it, but instead to commit to the thing that scares him.

So what is that for you? Whether its salsa dancing or bungee jumping or asking out a girl/guy the next time you get that impulse.

How are you going to expand into all you’re meant to be this year?
How are you going to show yourself what you’re really made of?
How are you going to give fear the finger and do it anyway?

And it doesn’t have to be career-related.

Showing up for yourself in ways that scare you outside of acting can actually bring a whole new confidence to your work.

Let me know in the comments below, what fear will you face this week as you start releasing resistance?

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Whatever you do to release resistance (and quiet that critical voice within), I hope October is the month you face something that scares the heck out of you. I’d love to know what it is.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy

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