Why Visualizing Is Vital To Your Success

    Last week I shared this great quote from Stephen Covey:

    Every human has four endowments –
    self awareness, conscience, independent will + creative imagination.
    These give us the ultimate human freedom….
    The power to choose, to respond, to change.
    – Stephen Covey

    I know this quote inspired many of you, so i thought it was worth repeating.

    I absolutely love that he includes “creative imagination” as one of our natural human abilities, since as actors, it is so vital to our success.

    Not only will it help you create + fine-tune nuances of a character you’re playing, exercising your creative imagination daily will help you attract more success.


    Another quote worth repeating….

    The Universe does not know whether the vibration that you’re offering is because of
    something you’re observing or
    something you’re remembering or
    something that you are imagining.
    It just receives the vibration and answers it with things that match it.
    – Abraham-Hicks

    So when you use your creative imagination and visualize yourself

    1. where you want to be
    2. while also feeling, with emotion, what it will feel like to be living your dream
    3. and you make it a daily practice

    you emit a different energy and the Universe responds accordingly.

    Finding time to visualize daily will also give you the energy to take more inspired actions, which will always help to jumpstart your path to greater success.

    Most people miss a few steps in the visualizing process. That’s why I created guided meditations + visualizations specifically designed with the actor in mind.

    We go through so many ups and downs and frustrations and funks, that having powerful (and easy to use) mindset tools in your toolbox is also vital to your success.

    Here’s to a week of knowing that you have the freedom to choose the vibration that you are offering. I hope you visualize good things ahead for you.

    Love + Gratitude,
    – Wendy

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