Will Smith, The Power of Intention + Me

    Will Smith is larger than life.  His presence lights up the room.  I witnessed this first hand when he cast me in his directorial debut on “All Of Us,” a sitcom that he + Jada Pinkett had created together years ago.

    Will Smith + Wendy Braun on the set.

    He is magnetic, full of life + a positive force of energy.  Working with him was uplifting, inspiring + tons of fun.

    The funny thing was, about 6 weeks earlier, I had cut out a picture of him + put it on my “People I’m Excited To Work With” Career Board.  It helped me to get specific in my intentions, take action in the meantime, and let the Universe work out the “how” (which I’ve always known is not up to me).

    I do know that anything that is created in our physical world, was first a vision in someone’s mind, from the iPhone, to a sitcom, to working with Will Smith.

    He’s a shining example of someone who has harnessed the power of intention (and visualization) for many years to help create his A-list superstar status.

    Did Will Smith know exactly “how” he was going to get there?  Probably not.

    In fact, he’s said in interviews that in the first season of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, he’d memorized everyone’s lines so he wouldn’t forget his own + that you can even see him mouthing them if you watch very closely.

    Success takes time.

    I believe the path along the way to success, lined with its victories, setbacks, disappointments + lessons,
    is there to prepare you to become mentally + emotionally bigger than the career you desire.

    But, when you can use the power of your mind + vividly imagine living your big dream, it will help you to keep going in those times you may feel stuck.

    One of the most exciting scientific discoveries has been that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real + what is imagined.

    So, when you can see it + feel it, as if it has already happened, your subconscious mind will find ways to bring it to life.  You’ll feel inspired to take action, one thing will lead to another + doors will begin to open.

    And when it looks like you may have lost your way, your specific intention + strong desire to achieve your dream will keep you going.

    To help you stay inspired, I’ve created some powerful Daily Declarations.

    You can download + print them here.

    Use these mantras to help you realign your mind, reset your intention + begin to invite your big dream into your life.

    Here’s to your success!

    Love + Gratitude,

    ~ Wendy Braun

    P.S. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

    Morning Mindset Meditation (May’s Daily Declarations)

    I am limitless. I am powerful. 

    I take time to see + feel myself living my biggest dream. 

    I don’t have to know HOW I am going to get there.

    I take time to align my mind with what I want + the next step is always revealed to me.

    I take action expecting things go well for me.

    If a setback occurs, I don’t give up on myself.  

    I keep going + allow the lessons to light the way.

    I am guided.  I am ready.  I am enjoying the journey + ready for the next step.

    I am present.  I am powerful.  I am on my way.

    All is well.  

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