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Shop the guided meditation audios and curated collections and you’ll find easy-to-use tools and proven methods for creating real + lasting change. 
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The Ultimate Audition + Performance Collection

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Brand-New Program

The Ultimate Success Accelerator Program

A comprehensive new program with on-demand access to an exclusive suite of all 11 of Wendy’s transformative collections and 52 weekly video coaching lessons to guide you to unlock your full potential, elevate your life and supercharge your success.

Your future self will thank you.

Signature Collection

The Ultimate Audition + Performance Collection

The Ultimate Audition + Performance Collection is a step-by-step guide and proven audio collection to help you stand out at every audition, book more jobs + shine in every role. Enjoy an easy-to-follow framework and done-for-you tools to help you deliver under pressure + compete at the highest level.  


It’s the ultimate mental game mastery for high performance.


The Clarity Collection

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The Momentum Collection

Are you ready to stay focused, feel unstoppable, and create real momentum? In this powerful program you will gain the confidence to step into the spotlight and make your future vision a reality
So much has changed since listening to your program. I quit my day job, and I’m making a living as an actor.” – Joe Mack

The Abundance Collection

It’s time to expand the flow of abundance in you life! This collection will empower you to release your money blocks, let go of any limiting beliefs or past programming holding you back, and feel worthy so you can receive more good than you ever imagined.
Wendy’s work helped me manifest more money and a new booking in less than 24 hours!” – Becki Dennis

The Quantum Leap Collection

Let go of playing small so you can expand what you think is possible and step into who are meant to become. This collection will give you the tools to radically transform your life so you can take your life to new heights.
“I’m Legit having the best year of my LIFE! Thank you Wendy!” – Kisha Peart

The Confidence Collection

You are RADIANT! Are you ready to believe it? Believing in yourself is important to success in all areas of life. In this program you will dissolve self-criticism so you can break through your success ceiling.
“I went from feeling stressed at auditions to working with Helen Mirren.” – Kruz Valero

The Keep Going, Sunshine Collection

Imagine if you could easily tap into your inner strength even when you’re facing life’s darkest moments. Gain the tools to release painful rejections, easily shake off disappointments and move beyond fear. This program will help you step into your power and unlock your true potential.
“Wendy is the positive voice in my head. This is my lifeline to ground me daily, and on the set!” – Kisha Peart 

The Reset + Recharge Collection

Now more than ever, you need to reset your energy and reignite your light. Gain the tools to release mental burdens, and let go of what’s been draining you so you can think more clearly, feel more intuitive, and be recharged.
“Wendy’s audios realign me back to peace and joy every morning.”  Vincent Kershbaum

The Thriving Through Uncertainty Collection

Most don’t want to… But the best thing to do with fear is face it. It can be easy to focus on getting everything you want, but overcoming the challenges that stand in your way is even MORE important. This program will empower you to release your worries + regrets, uncover creative solutions and take back control of your life!
“I went from not believing in myself to inviting in more abundance + joy, and got 6 BIG bookings!” – Carla Betz 

The Peaceful Relationship Collection

It’s time to renew, and strengthen your relationships. Gain the tools to heal resentments, have a peaceful household, and invite more love into your life.
“Wendy’s collections are the gift that keeps on giving.”  Laura Janes

The Clarity Collection

This program will help you reclaim your true power and go after your biggest dreams. Gain the tools to release resistance, quiet negative self-talk, and reach your big goals.
“This is the work that books acting jobs, builds careers, and buys farms from ACTING!” – Nahanni Johnstone

The Calm Amidst Chaos Collection

Gain access to your intuition and use it  to find calm during life’s chaos. Get the essential tools to help you alleviate stress and release disempowering stories so you can create a more peaceful life.
“Your audios helped me raise the bar, navigate a difficult year, and ultimately, book 11 jobs.” – Jen Ponton

The Productivity Collection

This collection will empower you to easily become more productive, intentional, and energized daily. Learn how to overcome overwhelm so you can gain clarity + align your energy, thoughts and actions towards manifesting your deepest desires.
“I got 2 straight offers. Wendy’s audios have really made a difference & made me feel like anything’s possible.” – Catherine Rogala

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to help you achieve your biggest dreams while finding
more fun, joy + fulfillment along the way.

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The Success Breakthrough Workshop

The powerful, proven + transformative 6-week online training program
+ live virtual experience is designed to help you take your acting career
+ life to the next level and beyond.

“It’s everything you need to not only have a great career, but to also lead an amazing life. Think of it as a speedway to personal change + breakthroughs for actors.  There’s nothing else out there like it.” 

– Nicole W.

SIGNATURE Collection

The Ultimate Audition & Performance Collection

A step-by-step guide + audio collection to help you stand out at every audition,
book more work + shine in every role.

“Wendy’s collection has changed the game for me.

Not only has it helped increase my call backs + bookings,

but I feel more grounded, calm + confident.”

– Jennifer L.

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The Spotlight Club

A one-of-a-kind membership + global community that provides powerful
monthly tools, live coaching + ongoing support to help you keep your momentum going.

“This is the ongoing work that books acting jobs, builds careers and
essentially, buys you your dream home – from acting.”

– Nahanni J.


Hey, I’m Wendy!

Every product and program I’ve created is the culmination of 20+ years of real-life experience testing and refining the tools, methods and practices that have helped me to build a successful acting career, as well as enjoy an abundant, balanced + fulfilling life.


It brings me so much joy to know that my work has now deeply touched the lives + careers of thousands of creatives worldwide.


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