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5 Core Secrets

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Discover a simple process to uplevel your self-tapes, book more jobs + shine under pressure.

Hi! I’m Wendy Braun

Through my signature course, The Success Breakthrough Workshop®, signature collection, The Ultimate Audition + Performance Collection®, and signature membership, The Spotlight Club®, I’ve helped to radically transform the lives and careers of actors worldwide.


I love providing tangible tools, empowering insights and practical strategies from my 20+ years as a successful working actor to help you create less struggle and more flow.  My mission is to inspire you to reclaim your power, shine your light, and become unstoppable.


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How to rock every audition,
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The Success Breakthrough Workshop

The powerful, proven + transformative 6-week online training program
+ live virtual experience is designed to help you take your acting career
+ life to the next level and beyond.

“It’s everything you need to not only have a great career, but to also lead an amazing life. Think of it as a speedway to personal change + breakthroughs for actors.  There’s nothing else out there like it.” 

– Nicole W.


The Ultimate Success Accelerator Program

 52 week guided coaching experience to help you unlock your full potential, elevate your life and supercharge your success.

“I am legit having the best year of my life, thanks to Wendy’s tools + guidance.

– Kisha Peart.

SIGNATURE Collection

The Ultimate Audition & Performance Collection

A step-by-step guide + audio collection to help you stand out at every audition, book more work + shine in every role.

“Wendy’s collection has changed the game for me.

Not only has it helped increase my call backs + bookings,

but I feel more grounded, calm + confident.”

– Jennifer L.

SIGNATURE Membership

The Spotlight Club

A one-of-a-kind membership + global community that provides powerful
monthly tools, live coaching + ongoing support to help you keep your momentum going.

“This is the ongoing work that books acting jobs, builds careers and
essentially, buys you your dream home – from acting.”

– Nahanni J.

In the most joyful way, Wendy Braun fortifies actors with the skills they need to thrive and live their dreams.

Transformation Made Easy.

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