What Self-Taping Really Looks Like


Been nailing your self-tapes lately?  Or are you having moments where you scream, swear, laugh and cry – all inside of a minute?  I sure have.

I’m keeping it real today, and sharing this 60-second throwback video with you, so you know we ALL have days where we just want to scream and cry, no matter how long we’ve been doing this! Myself included!

Yep, this was me while attempting to self-tape a comedy audition as a “flirty cougar.” (And this was smack in the middle of shooting my 4th season of Atypical).

So, I hope this helps you know, it’s okay to have your moments and I encourage you to get it out.

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes reveal of what self-taping really looks like…
(the moments most working pros won’t ever show you). 

The good news here is that my exceedingly patient husband always makes me laugh and knows when + how to reign in a former dancer by just shouting out “Fosse, Fosse, Go.”  (That came out of nowhere, but every performer knows her cues!)

So, no matter what happens in your career or self-tapes this week, I hope you let out the emotion and the reset, realign and refocus, so you can begin again and nail it.

In fact, I’m sharing the exact process I use to uplevel my self-tapes (even after moments like this) book more jobs + shine under pressure.

You’re invited to join me for an EMPOWERING FREE LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT + learn my insider secrets (pulled from my 20 years as a successful working actor) to help you alleviate anxiety, confidently deliver in high-stakes situations + be ready to succeed in this climate.

Grab your seat here, then leave a comment below + tell me what your biggest challenge has been lately with your self-tapes or auditions.

I hope you know that you are not alone if you have moments like this and I can’t wait to see you inside my free masterclass.

Rooting for your success,


P.S. Ready to dive deep into what it takes to prepare like a pro?  I’m sharing my best insider secrets (that helped me to book over 80 TV + Film credits – including my recent booking off a self-tape for the Emmy-award winning show, This Is Us) and you’re invited to grab a front row seat from anywhere in the world.

“If you implement a fraction of what Wendy teaches in her live masterclass you will swiftly change the way you show up in your career + success will come more easily.” – Lisa L.

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14 thoughts on “What Self-Taping Really Looks Like”

  1. I really believe we would nail more roles if we sent in our outtakes, like the bit where you just scream at the camera. Thanks for sharing this you and your husband are hilarious, having a great self tape partner is so vital to keeping us going !

  2. Tanya Christine

    I’m so glad to know that I am not the only one that has those moments! Loved it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wendy
    I love this hysterical moment.
    Yes, I have them many many times in my self tapes and my wife helps me most times.
    This is Great
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Rickie Robinson

    My that I am having is when I have to do a self-tape comes thru my email. How do I send it back,if you can tell me. I am
    just not sure. Thank you if you can help me.

  5. Deborah Ishida

    I hate self taping, you are asked to act direct produce upload and edit, and it is not made easy for you!
    Sometimes the upload requirements are so complicated, and then ” put all files in one attachment” etc. Some of us are not that tech savvy, and it seems unfair that we are judged on that, and not our ability to act
    I have googled stuff, watch seminars, know about equipment, and yet it is a nightmare

  6. Hello Wendy
    Thank you so much for sharing your screams
    And tears!! Good to know we’re in this together!!
    I’m in Brighton UK and I say “I’m trying to remember
    Wendy’s tips “ when I do my self tapes! It really helps !!

    Alexa x?

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