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“Wendy’s workshop helped me to gain confidence. Not only on the business side of things, but the mental side of things too. By the end of the course, I knew I could do anything. Things just shift once your belief system is so strong and you know it’s going to happen. That’s what The Success Breakthrough Workshop helped me to do. It was worth every penny.

I did a guided meditation at Tyler Perry Studios in my car right before I went in for the first round of auditions. And five auditions later, I booked a series regular role on The Oval. I had the confidence to be able to go into that audition room and show them what I think about the character and I didn’t have representation at that time, either. Now I’m on my second season.”

“As a musical theatre performer, I’d rarely pursued much TV and film. When I discovered Wendy’s audios, I felt excited to audition in any context and less attached to the outcome. In less than a week after using the collection, I booked a role on a hit HBO’s show.

A few technical elements could have made me overly concerned during the shoot day, but I used the collection and all went smoothly. As actors, we all have tools to work on our voices and bodies. Wendy Braun has given us tools to work on our minds. When I listen to the entire collection, I feel better about the business and my role in it. These recordings are truly a gift.”

“I was struggling with feeling worthy of more. The first time I used Wendy’s guided meditations, I chose to focus my intention on deserving more money. The next morning, I received a surprise phone call from one of my reps saying that they had negotiated for me to get above union scale on a co-star role I had booked!

My manager also said that this would be my new jumping off point rate going forward for all other roles. I was floored! I knew that meditation helped me manifest this higher rate, because it helped me to feel in touch with my worth.

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