18 Reasons Why You Are A Warrior

you are a warrior

My father would have been 104 this year. He was born in 1920, and passed away in 1997. I can’t believe he’s been gone for over 27 years of my life.

We didn’t have iPhones back then, but we did have the old-school answering machine.

And one of his last messages to me was. “Keep going, sunshine.”

Although I can’t call my dad or mom and share my latest victory or have them talk to my kids, I feel my parents with me, deep in my heart.

I heard my father’s voice (as I often do), as I wrote this for you, the creative warrior (while also doing the ugly cry).

You are among the bravest people I know, and today, I wanted to give you a special gift…

A gentle, loving, and hopefully, powerful reminder to #KeepGoingSunshine.

Just as my dad told me, over 27 years ago.

Here are 18 reasons why you, my friend, are a warrior.

  1. There will be roadblocks + obstacles along the way. You will keep going.
  2. There will be times you’ll question yourself + want to quit. You will keep going.
  3. There will be people who don’t think you have what it takes. You will keep going.
  4. There will be times you will get your heart broken into pieces. You will keep going.
  5. There will be those who will tell you that your time has passed. You will keep going.
  6. There will be people who will get to where you want to go, before you do. You will keep going.
  7. There will be moments of despair, pain and sadness. You will keep going.
  8. There will be people who don’t like you for all different reasons. You will keep going.
  9. There will be people who think what you’re doing won’t work. You will keep going.
  10. There will be times you question yourself and all you are doing. You will keep going.
  11. There will be all kinds of critics + people who judge you for your big dreams. You will keep going.
  12. There will be naysayers + people who will tell you that your dreams aren’t possible. You will keep going.
  13. There will be times you won’t get the job that you thought would change everything. You will keep going.
  14. There will be tears + anger + jealousy + frustration. You will keep going.
  15. There will be times you are scared to take another step into more uncertainty. You will keep going.
  16. There will be people who make it all look so much easier than it has been for you. You will keep going.
  17. There will be days, months + even years where you think it’s not going to happen for you. You will keep going.
  18. There will be distractions, detours + shiny objects that will try to lure you from your dream. You will keep going.

Because this dream of yours, is why you are here.
And if you could go through all of that + still be passionate about your dream, then you are meant to live it.
Most people would have quit by now. YOU. ARE. STILL. HERE.

You are among the few that are brave enough to pursue their dreams.

You are an artist.
You are a warrior.

And all you’ve gone through to get here was part of the journey to make you stronger, more resilient, more confident, more understanding of who you really are, more compassionate, more soulful, more aware, more courageous.

And the person you become along the way, was really all part of the plan. It was WHO you had to become to live this dream, not the dream itself.

Because. one day soon, you will find yourself living this dream.

One day soon, you will find yourself looking around, in the midst of living this dream + thinking, what’s next?

One day soon, this dream will be “no big deal” to you, and you will be on to the next big dream.


And you will begin the journey to your next big dream, even more joyful, because you now realize, it’s not about the goal, it’s about you evolving as a person.

It’s about you showing yourself what’s possible.

It’s about you moving beyond limitations.

And so, you keep going, because you came for the joy of creating, the joy of expansion, the joy of having an idea and watching it unfold and manifest right before your eyes.

You are a warrior. Keep Going, Sunshine.

Leave a comment below + let me know what warrior moment you’ve gone through + declare how you will keep going. It always inspires me to hear from you.

Then, download + print this beautiful “Warrior Manifesto” as my gift to you.

I hope it helps you slay any self-doubt, own your power + keep going, sunshine.

Warrior Manifesto

Love + Gratitude,

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32 thoughts on “18 Reasons Why You Are A Warrior”

  1. Elaine Lockley-Smith

    Giirrlll!!! I believe I have been through ALL 18 and am finally in a place where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! It has been people like you that have inspired, motivated, encouraged and uplifted me to keep going!!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and beyond!! You are such a bright light for us all!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Wendy for being you and sharing you with us, inspiring us to stand strong and fight for our dreams!!! Love you!!

    1. Wow! You are so welcome, Elaine! I’m so glad my work has helped you in all of these ways. And that you identify with all 18, just shows you what a creative warrior you truly are! Here’s to acknowledging how far you’ve come while beginning a whole new chapter. YES! #KeepGoingSunshine

      1. So glad this spoke to you so deeply. It’s because you ARE resilient and you are acknowledging all you have been through. #KeepGoingSunshine

  2. Thank you Wendy! Those 18 reasons are exactly what I needed to hear today. And more than that: it made me take stock of where I am and realise that I am already living my dream from 5 years ago … repped, auditioning, and on the cusp of moving to my dream city. Today, I’m pushing towards bigger dreams, and just as you say, keeping going makes the warrior in all of us!

    1. So awesome to hear. It’s so easy to look forward and wonder how it will all turn out, but so important to look back and marvel at how far you’ve come. 🙏 Good for you!

  3. Hi Wendy! Thanks for this article! I am a warrior because close to a decade ago I developed an eye disease called epithelial basement membrane dystrophy and my relationship with my boyfriend fell apart and I wasn’t sure where my life would be headed towards. In 2016, I began going to open mic nights sharing poetry, then reunited with a classmate from high school and started songwriting together and a couple years into attending the open mic nights, I started branching out into stand-up comedy. There have been a few roadblocks since then with the pandemic lasting so long and not being able to go the open mic nights at the bars until the pandemic is declared endemic, but I have attended one open mic night a month and have written lots of new lyrics/songs.


      I love that it is not about the goal but evolving as a person. Easy to forget that. And yes, once one goal is done we move on to the next. So, we are always evolving if we are going to be a warrior.

    2. My journey from Jan4 2023 till now;
      All my agents retired Jan 4
      Got new agents in three week 🙂
      New agents great- have sent me on a slew of auditions
      Had two callbacks for series regulars with director, show runner etc.:)
      But Have booked nothing in the two months with new agents!:(
      I will keep going!
      Through the self doubt… the fatigue
      The disappointment…
      The internal pressure to prove I am worthy of new agents belief in me!
      I will rest and self care and keep going!:)

  4. Faisal Mohiuddin

    Hi Wendy. I am undergoing that Warrior moment now. I can’t describe it to you in full detail here but this us probably the toughest test I am undergoing at the moment as an actor. I have really been shaken to my core but I need to develop resilience and overcome many traumas to come out of this. I am confident I will ultimately but it will be a painful journey.

  5. Last year, I got an audition out of the blue for a great role in a series. It was completely unexpected. Most self tapes are for commercials so it was a rare opportunity. It got my agent excited. The role went to a ‘name’ who came in from overseas but to actually go through the process and be seen, really helped me to keep going. Thank you Wendy. Inspiring as always. I miss my Dad too. Xx

  6. G.M. Wendy & thks. Life eh 🙏. 🤔 sooo today’s stage/version of self; no longer the Hare ‘running against the wind’, now the Tortoise ‘with legs I wish were quicker, looking for all the downslopes ‘, but the Shell is cool. 😉🍻

  7. Opened my emails this morning … 1st was from my agent, 2nd was this inspiration from you Wendy!
    Of course, I’m in self doubt mode at the moment lol! (nervous laughter)
    Wondering at my age of 63 if I’ll ever make it beyond co-star. If I’ll ever work on a solid project that I care about as a solid character with depth whom I care about and have impact on others. If I’ll ever walk in my purpose with all the joy and benefits that come with it. And if the podcast I’m working on even makes sense or matter. Am I thinking too small. Is there another direction I should be going and will I know it if that should be the case.
    Those are the thoughts I woke up to this morning. And then I read your inspiration. I needed that. Even with my self-doubts, I’ll keep going. For whatever reasons, I’ll keep going.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and blessing your readers with it.
    Love & Gratitude,

  8. Thank you Wendy I needed to hear this today been on a bit of a downward spiral of late. I am coming back stronger now and this certainly helped me. I love you and your emails always seem to come through at the perfect moment.

  9. Hi Wendy mine is number 10 !you are a really kind gift for actors and people 🙌💜
    Cathie Boruch

    Sometimes I’m not sure why I’m so interested in acting I just keep going

    But it feels scary sometimes but also enlightening
    Kind regards

  10. Hey Wendy! My obstacle this year has been that I haven’t gotten that many callbacks. But I am pushing through because I just booked an amazing contract for part of the summer, and I’ve been taking some great workshops that have been helping me immensely. Thank you for your motivational words!

  11. Blessed Motivational Monday Wendy!! Divine timing, for this profound Warrior Proverb -Yes Thank You !!! Happy Bornday fellow Aries Warrior!! April 3rd is mine. I’m a warrior because my mother became my biggest fan and supporter 19 years ago with a glowing smile on her face saying ” I’m beyond proud of you, all that you are, the craft becomes you…You have found yourself !! Sh’es my guardian angel, transitioned 16 yrs ago…We will always connect soulfully as well…through my lady(my queen) & our amazing kids..Omnipresent!! Therefore, I Am a Warrior (Humbly grateful) Love & Light to you and yours Wendy!!


  12. Great post, saved to my computer and I will also share this post. Almost 7 months after a massive heart attack, quadruple bypass and recent oral surgery, I’m still here. I have actually gotten more opportunities in the last 7 months than in the previous 5 years because I KEEP GOING!!

  13. Jorge Ramirez

    Hi Wendy, I am a warrior because I started my acting career late after many years in the produce industry. Your uplifting words via your father speaks to me. My father, it hurts me to say never gave me words of encouragement, as he may never have had himself. I live every day feeling like a part of me is missing from events that happened early in my life. It takes work to feel good about myself. You Are A Warrior is right for me. Thanks to your Father and to you beautiful Wendy for sharing these words of encouragement.

  14. Marina Bakica

    Oh Wendy!! What a beautiful, empowering warrior manifesto!! Big thanks to you for all the love and inspiration you share with us!!

  15. Girl, it’s my birthday week too. Thank you for the gift. I have gone through a lot since 5th grade to be where I am. I try not to look back but sometimes it helps. Sometimes you feel like you’re not doing enough, and I’ll admit, I could do a lot more. Definitely cried reading this. Happy Birthday to you. xoxo

  16. Thank you, Wendy, for such a beautiful email. You’re so right about keeping going, the one who wins the race is the one who doesn’t stop running.

    Happy birthday for this week; I hope you spend it exactly how you want to spend it.
    I also have a very strong feeling both your parents are extremely proud of you 🙂 x

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