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4 Abilities (You Already Have) That Give You Ultimate Freedom

As I was thinking of all the freedoms I am so blessed to enjoy in this country (including connecting with amazing actors + creatives like you from all over the world!), I ran across this quote from Steven Covey and wanted to share…

What an inspiring reminder that we all possess the natural abilities of1) Self- awareness
2) Conscience
3) Independent will
4) Creative imagination

Which means, no matter what others think or say or do, you have the power to choose, to respond and to change.

That really is ultimate human freedom at its best.

But we each have to own that in our mind, body and soul, so say it with me:

No matter what others think or say or do…
I have the power to choose, to respond and to change.

Wherever you are in the world today, I hope you’ll take some time to pause and reflect on your own freedoms.

Feel free to comment below + let me know what freedom makes you feel most grateful.

Here’s to letting freedom ring.

Love + Gratitude,



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