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2 Things Every Actor Should Do This Summer (And Why It Will Help Your Career)

Remember when you were a kid + you got so excited about the smallest of things?

Riding your bike around the neighborhood.
Eating popsicles on the front porch.
Going to the beach.

Remember how you were so engaged with what you were doing that the time just seemed to fly by while you were laughing + playing?

Watching my kids run + skip down the path to the beach this week reminded me that there are…

2 things every actor should do this summer:

Relax more. Play more. Start keeping the faith that you are on the right path.

What happens when you relax more + play more?

You will discover what it is you love to do.
You will come to know who you really are at your core.
You will let go of worrying about your career.
You will start keeping the faith.

And what happens when you start keeping the faith that you are on the right path?

You will renew your sense of joy.
Ideas will come.
People will show up.
Opportunities will appear.
Doors will open.

You’ll become clearer on what it is you really want + more inspired to take action.

All that from relaxing + playing? Yes!

Don’t take my word for it. Try it + see what happens.

Schedule in time this week to relax more + play more.

After all, acting is playing, and when you can be truly present in the fun of your life, you’ll bring more presence to your acting.

Let me know in the comments below what you are going to commit to do to relax more + play more this week?

Here’s to a week of having fun, keeping the faith + giving yourself permission to pause.

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy

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  • Rachel #1

    Wendy!!! This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning… THANK YOU!! I am preparing for a vacation, and it was making me feel a little guilty and anxious about stepping away from all the work I’ve been doing. Now reading this, I know that I need this vacation and to go PLAY and find my JOY again!! Happy Summer!! xo


    • Wendy #2

      Yes Rachel! Enjoy that vacation + know all the hard work you’ve been doing will pay off once you return. Sometimes stepping away is exactly what we need to make space for what is coming. Here’s to play + joy + ease + flow! YES!


  • Dominic Ryan #3

    Yes, so true. I think we lose our sense of play as we get older, but it’s so worthwhile.


    • Wendy #4

      So true. My kids are the best reminder. In fact, I’m wrapping up work right now to make sure I jump in the pool with them later today! 😉


  • Pamela Hill #5

    So true Wendy! Happy Summer! 😀 :)


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