How To Get More Done (Begin With This One Question)

Now that the year is half over, would you like to make the second half of 2022 even better than the first half?

If you set a goal in January + haven’t come close to achieving it, here’s why + how to change it.

So often we have the best intentions + just before we go to take action, we allow fear to stop us.

We rethink, review, + even remind ourselves of all of the reasons, it might not work.

Or we procrastinate + we put off what we know would be good for us, until another day.

From eating right, to exercising, to reaching out to someone, to diving into a creative project, often we associate more pain with actually doing a task, then the pleasure we will feel once it’s finished.

This is all rooted in small thinking from the lower mind, which is always ego-based + born out of fear or judgment.

Your ego doesn’t want you to change your lifestyle, test the waters, move outside of your comfort zone + alter anything on any level.

But the higher mind is rooted in love.

The higher mind is rooted in expansion.

The higher mind is limitless + sees the big picture long before you do.

So, maybe it’s time to ask yourself?  Am I operating from a place of love or fear?

Most people don’t know how to operate from the higher mind, which is always accessible to you + done easily through guided meditation.

The expanded mind, your highest self, not only knows what is possible for you, but planted the idea in the first place to call you forward, to expand you and to invite you to where you want to go.

You can get to where you want to go, but it requires daily discipline.

Not muscling your way through a list of “should do’s,” but allowing your highest self to lead the way through inspiration + intuition.

So begin to notice this week, when you’re operating from your small (and seemingly “logical”) lower-mind thinking and make a conscious shift into your higher “limitless” thinking mind.

When you do, it will make the path much easier. You’ll actually begin to see your goal with different eyes.  And all the clues around you will become clearer.

You’ll align with the part of you that already did the task, made the call, sent the email, did the action that is leading you closer to your dreams.

Here’s to having more moments (interactions, reactions, conversations, actions) where you operate from a place of love over fear.

When you fill your heart with love, you will effect change in the world.

Declare in the comments below, “Today, I will operate from a place of love.”

Love and Gratitude,


P.S.  Need help putting this into practice?  Check out monthly mindset tools + mentoring for actors here.

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14 thoughts on “How To Get More Done (Begin With This One Question)”

  1. Wendy! I am currently living the goals that I set in January. The expansion! I am so grateful for you and your training. Today, I operate from a place of love.

    1. Yes Alison!! So happy for you and all your breakthroughs from your commitment and dedication inside The Success Breakthrough Workshop!😘🎉🎬

  2. Christopher Graul

    This is a good question, and goes to the heart of more than meeting goals: how do we interact with our friends and family? Are we extending ourselves in our workzone as much as we could or would if no one was around to potentially condemn or criticize us? Do we fear failure more than we desire success?

    Thanks Wendy

  3. I had an inspired streak and spent the last thirty minutes writing out the key parts to a script, and immediately after finishing my thought was “what if I do all this work writing a script for nothing when I could be doing more immediately useful work?” Then I opened this post. Wonderfully timed permission and encouragement to allow myself to write it! x

    1. Ah, that inner critic will always question us, won’t it. So glad this post helped you give yourself permission + encouragement to #KeepGoingSunshine. 🙂

      1. So glad this spoke to you Nahanni! Love having you in The Spotlight Club + thanks for adding all your wisdom to our live event with casting director, Terry Berland! You always operate from a place of LOVE!

    1. Yes! Love that you are doing this in SWEDEN! Loved seeing you in The Spotlight Club this weekend for our live event too!

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