Booked It! 5 Tips To Help You Book More Often (And What It Really Takes To Get To Set)

Two weeks ago, I booked an awesome job off a self-tape + I wanted to share 5 tips to help you do the same.

  1. Decide today to elevate your mindset and change the story you’re telling yourself about why you’re not booking lately.
  2. Decide today to let go of every job you haven’t booked this year.
  3. Decide today to stop using your next audition to validate your worthiness.
  4. Decide today to focus on giving your gifts, instead of trying to get anything.
  5. Focus on what it means to bring the role to life as only you can + things will shift for you.

Wanted to share this fun reel I made of what it really takes (a village) once you book the job, to get to set on time and be ready to go.

Fun to be working on an amazing TV show today that came from:

1 self tape audition,
1 trip to Paramount,
3 covid tests,
1 fitting,
3 alarms for
3:15, 3:20, 3:30am,
5 am call time,
2 babysitters (1 slept over so I could leave the house at 4:15am),
all to be here on this beautiful day in LA with the sun shining.

I wanted to share the longer version, (that I didn’t include in my video), so you really know what goes on behind-the-scenes….

I needed 2 babysitters because my husband left the night before on
1 surf trip while my kids had
1 day off from school and my
1 babysitter has
2 kids under that age of
6 who also had
1 day off from school and I didn’t want her to have to come over at
4:15 in the morning waking her own kids up that early, so I asked our
1 neighbor to sleep over and be my “extra” alarm at
3:30am if I didn’t wake up. Then, the second babysitter with her
2 kids could arrive at
10am the next day and all
4 kids could play for the day (while I’m working on set).

The day before working, when my husband was getting ready to leave on his trip, he helped me turn in
1 new self-tape then I hopped in the car and drove into Hollywood for
1 final covid-test before working on the TV show set, while my husband stayed in the garage and took down
4 self-tape lights
4 c-stands and put away
4 cords
1 lavalier mic
1 self-tape backdrop leaving room for our
2 kids to use the garage as a play space and so we have
1 workout space in the house.

I arrived back home at
3pm and got
1 email from my reps saying that the casting directors who got my
1 self-tape earlier that morning, now wanted me to read for
1 other role in the same episode. And even though both auditions weren’t due until
9am on Friday, and it was Wednesday, I knew that because I was working
11/11, which was a Thursday on this
1 hit TV show and my husband was leaving for this
1 surf trip… I knew I needed to take
30 minutes with the sides, change my clothes for the
2nd time that day while my husband put back up (and then again took down + put away) the
4 self-tape lights
4 c-stands
4 cords
1 lavalier mic
1 self-tape backdrop so we could take
30 more minutes and record the self-tape audition and send it off just in time for my kids to be picked up at
4pm so they could come home, eat dinner and we could all wave goodbye to my husband who left at
7pm that evening.

I also made sure to buy
4 tickets to a trampoline place and made
4 advance reservations for
11:30 am so all
4 kids could bounce off the walls for
2 hours and get their wiggles out. I also made sure got get cash and leave
40 dollars to get ice cream across from the jumping place and another
60 dollars for pizza later that night so the babysitter watching all
4 kids didn’t have to worry about making dinner.


And, that all happened in the middle of happily revealing our 12 New Collections inside our brand New Shop!  Explore the new shop here + see why actors worldwide are raving.

This is what it really looks like to be a working actress/mom/business owner, and I’m happy to share it with you.

I’m grateful for it all, and hope it inspires you to know that no matter what things look like for you right now, everything can shift in an instant.

It all begins within. And I hope you are prepared when it does.

Let me know in the comments #IPrepareLikeAPro and I’ll know you do the same.

Love + Gratitude,

P.S. If you’ve been hearing crickets from your self tapes lately, keep doing your great work, and your time will come.

Watch my latest video here on how I deal with post self-tape frustration (just weeks before this booking)!

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16 thoughts on “Booked It! 5 Tips To Help You Book More Often (And What It Really Takes To Get To Set)”

  1. Iain Tingley

    Thanks for sharing fortunately I have an old horse stable with everything set up in it all I have to do is run a extension cable out and I’m ready to go usually take a few minutes to get into character checking my self tape check list supplied to me by you(thanks) which is stuck up on the wall. Been getting great feedback for almost everything I do lately. Waiting on something right now. Not getting anything doesn’t worry me anymore in fact I try and put it out of my mind as soon as it’s done. Then if I get it , it’s a nice surprise. Loving your insights and getting closer to a yes I am sure. Staying busy in-between and focusing on my photography and looking after my mum to pass the time. Spring is here can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can get out into the garden again and grow some veggies. Congratulations on the film although no sign of it being released over here yet. I love pool going to go play some tonight down at my local pub.

  2. After reading that, I’m feeling slightly guilty as I’m on location in Belgrade, Serbia hanging out in my hotel waiting to go back to set on an American Series I’m shooting here. Dates keep moving as we come close to the end of the season with pick-ups etc… so I have 4 days off.
    HOWEVER!!! I get you. I’ve had many days like the one you just described in n my career. Spinning plates of life, parenting, obligations and career.

    Bless you.

    Daniel Fathers

  3. After reading what you went through I was totally exhausted. You are amazing. How did you memorize so fast to have that quick turn around submission? Love and congratulations and many blessings. Maray

    1. Ah, yes! So glad to hear it Katherine. What we do behind-the-scenes is not always talked about, but important for actors to see what really goes into this “glamorous” business! Glad this spoke to you!

  4. Absolutely amazing post as always Wendy. Your joy and authenticity shine through. It’s truly beautiful to see how you are able to accomplish so much, while still prioritizing your family and the needs of others. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Aw, thanks Keri! Glad this spoke to you. It definitely takes some planning, flexibility, sense of humor and some excellent assistance! I’m grateful for it all. – Wendy

  5. Wonderful peek at how you handle the controlled chaos of what we do. Congratulations on your recent booking. Thank you for keeping it real. Best wishes to you and yours this Thanksgiving holiday.

    1. Thanks Jim! Yes, I love revealing what it “really” takes behind-the-scenes of our ever-glamourous business. Here’s to keepin’ it real.

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