Success Breakthrough Stories: Inspiring Tales Of Radical Transformation

With the year coming to a close, I hope you not only reflect on what you’ve done this year…but who you have become along the way.

After helping thousands of actors transform their lives and careers in 25 different countries, I thought it would be fitting to share some transformative stories to uplift + inspire you to know…

that anything is possible.

Yes, these creative warriors have achieved all kinds of bright, shiny external accomplishments, from becoming series regulars, to walking the red carpet, to winning awards, to having multiple offers, and signing with their dream agent, but they will all say that none of that would have happened without first…

shifting who they were being, and then taking the next steps towards their dreams.
(which I realize can all be challenging to do on your own).

It is who you will become in the coming year that will shape how fast you accelerate your success, (and how much joy and fulfillment you experience in the process).

Below are incredible stories of actors who went from struggling to soaring. Click on whichever one(s) resonates with you and know it will be exactly what you need to see today.”

From Self-Doubt To Series Regular:
Mignon’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

If you’re struggling with real confidence and self-doubt, Mignon’s story will speak to your soul.

She went from being SAG-Eligible to booking a Series Regular role (without an agent) on Tyler Perry’s “Sistas.”

Learn from Mignon, exactly how she did it and why this was vital to her success…

From “Not Enough” To “Next Level Bookings”
Keara Graves’ #SuccessBreakthrough Story

If you’ve been feeling like the last few years have provided the “longest dry spell ever” in your acting career…

and thoughts of “I’m not enough, I haven’t done enough + I’m not far enough along” have been haunting you as you go to self-tape (or even just get out of bed), Keara’s story will uplift you to a whole new level

From Self-Doubt To Series Regular:
Teesha Renee’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

Teesha bust through her blocks and busted all the myths:

MYTH #1: I have to be in a big market to book big jobs.
MYTH #2: I have to have an agent to get an audition.
MYTH #3: I have to have huge credits to become a Series Regular.

Ready to ditch the limiting beliefs?

From “Feeling Impatient” To “Fielding Offers:”
Dominic Ryan’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

If you want to book more work, but are feeling frustrated or if you’ve been seeing people booking lately and it’s made you think “Why aren’t I auditioning? Why didn’t I book that? Where’s mine?” …

Dominic’s story will show to let all of that go and learn how he went from “feeling impatient to fielding offers…”

From Taking A Break To Tons Of Big Bookings:
Shirley Jordan’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

If you’re looking back on the year thinking “I should have been busier. I should have done more with my time. I shouldn’t have taken a break.” Or “I’m too old, it’s too late or I should be further along by now…”

Shirley’s story will show you what happens when you say goodbye to the guilt, ditch the shame and let go of limitation and how to turn it all around…

From Struggling To Starring In The Shows:
Lee Docherty’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

If you’ve been lacking direction or your confidence is at an all time low, (maybe because you haven’t worked in awhile or you’re comparing your journey to someone else’s) or perhaps you’re debating whether this is even the path for you…

Lee’s story of triumph and transformation will show you how to go from struggling to starring roles…

From Major Fears To Major Success:
Alison Halstead’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

If you’ve been doubting yourself or wondering if there is a place for you in this business lately, you’re not alone.

Alison overcame her major fears and turned them into major bookings includinga franchise feature film and sharing the stage with the legendary Sir Ian McKellan. Learn how she turned major fears into major success…

From Self-Sabotage to Starring in Big Musicals Jordan Fife Hunt’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

Ever get an audition and think, “What do I think the casting director wants to see from me? And then deliver exactly what you think they want…and still hear nothing?

Jordan learned how to get out of this self-sabotaging loop and free himself, and it resulted in booking 5 shows in one year and then on to a Broadway National tour!

From Limiting Beliefs To Living Her Big Dreams Kosha Engler’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

Feeling like you’re “too ‘old’ to make it at 45,” or perceived as a failure by family and friends because you’re not a “big star” yet? Or, as a parent. are you worried about the effects success might have on your family life?

Kosha went from a negative mindset to booking more in 1 year than she had in years, including a recurring role on Netflix opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.

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