From Self-Doubt To Series Regular: Teesha Renee’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    I’m excited to share a special story of transformation that I hope will help bust 3 common myths that many actors believe (and how it keeps them from achieving their dreams).

    MYTH #1: I have to be in a big market to book big jobs.
    MYTH #2: I have to have an agent to get an audition.
    MYTH #3: I have to have huge credits to become a Series Regular.

    Have you been believing that too lately?  Then you’ll love hearing from Teesha Renee today, because she went from self-doubt to Series Regular, and has now returned for her second season of Tyler Perry’s The Oval, (yes, in the middle of a global pandemic).

    I’m so thankful I got to sit down with Teesha back in January to find out what limiting beliefs were holding her back + exactly what she did to breakthrough to the next level (and beyond) and book a Series Regular role (without any representation)…out of Atlanta (which she initially didn’t even think was possible).

    Learn the 3 things Teesha did at her audition to book this career-changing role (and start applying them to all of your self-tapes + in person auditions).

    Click below to watch Teesha Renee’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story.

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    Enjoy the full #SuccessBreakthrough Story Interview here:

    Take me back to when we first met…

    I didn’t know how to navigate into this career. I knew, ok, you go to school, you learn how to perfect your craft, but no one sat me down and taught me about what I can and cannot do on the business side of it. What I needed was more training, not for my skill set, per se but more so, the business side of it, more so my mental side of it, and that’s what made me sign up for your course.

    Yes.  The mental game is such a huge factor in major breakthroughs in an actor’s career.  Tell me what you used to do in auditions + what changed, because we both know something changed.

    Yes, so I did your guided meditation at Tyler Perry Studios in my car right before I went in to tape the first round of auditions. It was the Letting Go meditation. And I just thought, “I’m just gonna go in here, I’m gonna do the work, I’m gonna have fun, and I’m just gonna let it go, I’m not gonna hold onto it. Cause that’s one thing I learned that I used to do in the past. Oh I need this, I need this, I need this, and then it runs away from you.

    Yes, isn’t that the truth?  The more we “need” it, the more it eludes you.  That’s a tough one to master, but I’m so glad that audio from the course helped you.
    I know we also did a lot of inner work too about shifting your belief system.  Tell me about your major career breakthrough + the new belief system you had to install before that. 

    Well, five auditions later for The Oval, I got the role, the series regular role on The Oval (without having representation). And that has changed my whole entire career, obviously. 

    I had the confidence to be able to go into that audition room and show them what I think about the character and I didn’t have representation at that time, at all. What I learned was that if you don’t believe it, it’s not going to happen. I did not believe that you can book a series regular role out of Atlanta.

    Belief is a powerful thing, and often the hardest thing for actors to shift on their own.

    Yes, but things just shift and move once your belief system is so strong and you know it’s going to happen, it happens for you.

    So inwardly, it’s the confidence. You know, outwardly, obviously it’s the success from gaining the role.

    And once that belief + confidence are in place, and other breakthrough strategies, what else has happened?

    I booked a recurring role on another TV show that’s gonna come out soon.

    And when I got on that set, it was totally different from Tyler Perry’s set, so I was nervous, but I went back to those principles. 

    I love that on each set, you’re going back to principles you learned in The Success Breakthrough Workshop.  

    It makes me so happy to know you’re using these methods + tools at every stage of your career.

    Yes.  Your workshop helped me to gain confidence. One hundred percent. Especially as an actor we feel like we’re being poked and prodded and scrutinized for every little thing that we do. I really had to let go of that.

    Any hesitations about doing the course, before you took the leap? 

    My hesitations with signing up… for me, honestly, it was the financial aspect. I was like, this is a big investment. And I am one hundred percent glad that I did it. I really am, it was worth every penny. By the end of the course, I knew I could do anything, honestly.

    That makes my heart sing.  And that you continue on this path of expansion while staying grounded, is truly wonderful to witness.

    So keeping that with me everywhere I go, it’s gonna keep me grounded. All the glitz and glamour, it’s amazing, but it’s not the work. 

    As things just go up and up and up that’s what I’ll remember. 

    You are a role model for so many actors.  And to witness your transformation + all the wins that came from doing the work in my course, is so inspiring.  What are your beliefs now?

    I don’t have any limitations whatsoever. Whatsoever

    I followed up with Teesha just a few weeks ago and asked her: Did anything you learned in the Success Breakthrough Workshop help you get through the uncertainty of a global pandemic?  If so, what?

    Definitely!!! Among so much uncertainty, I am constantly reminding myself of my worth, reinforcing my new belief system of I AM GOOD ENOUGH!! That’s what has gotten me to where I am, and that’s what continues to help propel me forward.

    Yes! Any advice for actors who are wondering “will it ever happen for me?”

    As you taught me, you have to identify your personal limiting beliefs. Figure out what thoughts are holding you back from your goals, your wildest dreams. Write them down if you have to, then replace them with the truth of who you are: a brilliant, limitless, talented human with your own special and unique gifts. After you do that, then you have to believe that you can make it and then go do the work.

    I love it. And that work is ongoing for sure.  It’s been an honor to guide you through that process + then to watch your career soar into the stratosphere.

    Well, thank you for providing the necessary spiritual work and business education in the way you do, it changed my outlook and as a result, changed my life + career.

    Where can we connect with you:
    Instagram: @theteesharenee
    Twitter: @theteesharenee

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