From “Not Enough” To “Next Level Bookings”: Keara Graves #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    If you’ve been feeling like 2020 has provided the “longest dry spell ever” in your acting career, and thoughts of “I’m not enough, I haven’t done enough + I’m not far enough along” have been haunting you lately as you go to self-tape (or even just get out of bed), today’s story will inspire you on a whole new level.

    And as the New Year approaches, I know the idea of “goal-setting” can be daunting when you feel this way.  Well, you’re not alone.

    Toronto actress, Keara Graves felt exactly the same way when we first met, telling me, “I had a really, really long dry spell and I was starting to think that I wasn’t good enough.”

    And what happens when you set goals or do self-tapes with the debilitating “I’m not good enough” mindset?  Not a lot.  And then your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy, where every action just proves to yourself that “Yes, I’m right, I’m not good enough.”  Ugh.

    So how do you turn it all around? Right now?

    Keara shares exactly what she did, and the major mindset shift that helped her surpass all her goals and create massive momentum in her career, including a breakout recurring role on Netflix’s Grand Army (a goal she specifically set, once she changed her inner game).  And that’s just the beginning…. 

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    Enjoy the full #SuccessBreakthrough Story Interview here:

    Wendy: Take me back to before we met:

    Keara: I just had a really really long dry spell and I was starting to think that I wasn’t good. 

    Ok, so you are in Toronto, you sign up for The Success Breakthrough Workshop online course and what happened?

    First, of course we’re all these Inner breakthroughs… I realized I didn’t have to be anything or do anything to be enough. Everything followed after that. This was my most successful acting year and also personal growth year.

    I love that.  I’m not surprised either, because as you know everything I teach is all about tending to the inner game first. 

    So the more you grow personally, the more you grow professionally, and your story is such a beautiful example of that.  Tell me more.

    I remember looking back in my journal of all of my goals that I wanted to achieve. And I realized that not only did I meet every single one of those goals, but I exceeded and surpassed every one of those goals… crazy, like…

    Crazy, and yet, not, right?  What was a major goal you had?

    And the major one was I wanted to book a recurring on a new Netflix original, which I did, on Grand Army. I finally booked my very first lead in a feature film. 

    That is awesome.  Such a testament to the inner + outer work you did in the course.  What else did you gain clarity on and manifest?

    I really wanted to book a LGBTQ+ role because I am LGBTQ+, but I’ve always for some reason had this notion that I looked too “straight” in order to book a queer role. Once I let go of that limiting belief, then I finally started to book LGBTQ+ roles.

    I love that you really stepped into your power to be a positive role model in the LGBTQ+ community. 

    Yes!  This helps so many young queer people to represent in the media, like it’s huge. And so not only did I book one queer role, but I booked four. And I wrote my own content, I met my girlfriend who I’m so in love with. 

    Just so many things were aligning. 

    What amazing inner + outer breakthroughs.  I also heard that your new found confidence helped you to speak up to the Grand Army wardrobe stylist and ask if your character could have a ‘hint of rainbow’ on every outfit to give a subtle LGBTQ+ nod.

    Yes!  It is so much fun to play this kind of a role and give my input during the fittings and have it happen in this way.  I’m so grateful. 

    And even though the course was all virtual, did you feel connected?

    I felt like I had a whole family there keeping each other accountable in different cities.

    What would you say to someone who was on the fence debating about doing the course?

     I think if you’re debating about taking the course, a hundred percent there’s going to be a lasting transformation forever… and it’s priceless information, it’s priceless. 

    “The Success Breakthrough Workshop is a life-changing experience.  Just you wait, just you wait.”

    I love knowing that. Did anything you learned in the Success Breakthrough Workshop help you get through the uncertainty of a pandemic?  If so, what?

    The most valuable tool I learned from the course is to relax and detach from my ego’s need for opportunities to show up on my timeline, and enjoy the “down time” because I know that the most expansion and growth happens in those times of rest. 

    YES!  There’s an epidemic of being “busy doing more” that is just not serving actors.  They’re exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated.  What would you say to that?  

    Well, you taught me to trust in the Universe’s divine timing and realize that there’s no need to push for things to happen, and the right opportunities WILL come my way if I just enjoy the present moment and look forward to the blessings I’m manifesting for the future.

    You are a living example of that too!  Any advice for actors who are wondering “will it ever happen for me?”

    I think it’s important not to compare your journey with someone else’s. Everyone’s path is unique to the timing of their lives. A role that someone else booked simply wasn’t meant for you, just as the roles that you book aren’t meant for anyone else. 

    Love your life right now as it is, find happiness and peace BEFORE stuff “happens”, because in doing so, you will draw your dreams closer to you.

    Keara, I do wish someone was teaching this when I was your age, but hey, then I probably wouldn’t be teaching it now.  So, that right there is divine timing. 

    Where can we find you online?

    Instagram – @kearagraves

    YouTube – Keara Graves

    Depop – @kearagraves (Keara’s online thrift store)

    I also have a movie which I’m the lead in, premiering on Lifetime channel in the USA called “Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies” on November 21st at 8pm/est. 

    And I’m also starring in a music video by Scott Helman called “Lois” and that’s going live November 16th on Scott’s YouTube.

     I know this is just the beginning of many amazing breakthroughs for you both personally + professionally.  I’m honored to be part of your journey.

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    Click here to learn more details about The Success Breakthrough Workshop online course.

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