From Limiting Beliefs To Living Her Big Dreams: Kosha Engler #SuccessBreakthrough Story

Have you ever allowed limiting beliefs, fear, doubt and comparison to keep you from going after your big dreams?  You are not alone.

This Success Breakthrough Story will inspire you and show you what’s possible (when you are willing to acknowledge what’s not working and then do something different to change it).

Meet Kosha Engler, an American in London, who was stuck in a negative mindset and feeling disconnected and isolated, with no space to expand, literally or creatively.

With feelings of not being enough, too ‘old’ to make it at 45, perceived as a failure by family and friends because she wasn’t “already big star,” and even fearful of the effect success might have on her family (as the mom of 2), Kosha knew she needed something to change.

That is when she found her way to me.

While you might be inspired by
all the big bookings that followed,
I hope you pay even closer attention to…
who Kosha had to become along the way.

This is Kosha Engler’s Success Breakthrough Story: From Limiting Beliefs To Living Her Big Dreams. 
Enjoy our full interview below.

Wendy: Your story is so inspiring. Take us back to the beginning, what were you struggling with before we met?

Kosha: I’m based in London, and my husband, two kids and I had just moved into a new house after the pandemic. I felt disconnected from my acting community and isolated. Incidentally, as an American in London (who got a theatre degree in the USA), I never got the benefits of going to drama school in London – namely a cohort, networking opportunities, the currency of recognizable training at top schools like RADA or LAMDA.

So it’s been tougher to forge a strong support network. My husband and I had taken on a big renovation project while living with my in-laws for nine months and I felt unsettled and at times overwhelmed by the project – even though it was exciting – there was lots of upheaval in our life.

Wow.  That is A LOT to take on, manage and navigate.

Exactly.  And I didn’t feel I had space to expand – literally and creatively. I was stuck in a negative mindset, the comparison game and beset by limiting beliefs. I was frustrated.

With so much going on, our critical mind can often get the best of us.  How were these struggles affecting you?

I had feelings of not being enough, being too ‘old’ to make it at 45, feeling perceived as a failure by family and friends because I wasn’t already big star, powerlessness. Feeling like all my hard work just never pays off in big ways.

Whew. That’s brave to recognize, but can be challenging to face.  And here you are raising two children as well.

Yes! On top of all of that, as a mom of two boys, I was fearful of success and the affect on my family.  I had an idea that I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to whole-heartedly seek big jobs because I was a mom and I had duties.

I was attached to results and not enjoying the journey.

For you to look back at how far you’ve come, and really acknowledge the mindset, thoughts and limiting beliefs that were keeping you stuck, is such an inner breakthrough.  And then to courageously do something different to change it is huge.

What was your main reason for enrolling in The Success Breakthrough Workshop initially?

During your live masterclass, I asked if you’d address the specific issues of being an actress/mom and the constant juggle of that, and the feelings of guilt that go with that. 

You gave me a completely heartfelt answer about how we can’t do it all and how important it is to have those support systems in place. You clearly understood exactly the feelings I had, and I was moved by feeling seen.

I knew the course would address some core issues I was having. And of course, it went above and beyond that.

The balancing act is real.  I’m so glad you trusted your intuition and enrolled. Tell me about the inner victories and breakthroughs you’ve experienced since doing the course.

There were so many small victories and breakthroughs within every single module.  I felt supported, seen and uplifted every step of the way.

One of the most memorable and powerful experiences was the “It Is Done” visualization.

I realized that I not only wanted to be Number 1-3 on the call sheet, but I saw myself in my trailer,  and in creative talks with the director and producers. I was part of the creative team.

I realized that my 25 years of industry experience could be channeled not just into acting, but into creative producing.

It became very clear that I wanted more creative power, and to be involved in projects from genesis to delivery and apply more than just my acting skills.

I saw a clear way to indulge my love of nearly every aspect of film-making through producing.

That is an epic breakthrough, Kosha!  Here you went from feeling frustrated, isolated and feeling powerless, to supported, seen, uplifted and then, of course, that’s when the crystal clear vision emerges.

Yes.  And then the course gave me the tools and mindset to really turn things around.  It’s so empowering to discover I can change the way I feel by changing my thoughts.  Just a total game-changer.

The mantra ‘Everything always works out for me’ has become a firm favorite, for myself and my husband.

Yes.  And it doesn’t mean everything perfect.  But inside those challenges arises a bigger solution, and this mantra helps us align with the solutions.  So tell me about those outer breakthroughs – you have had SO MANY!!

There have been so many outer breakthroughs since doing your course.

I booked more acting jobs in one year than I have in a really long time, including TWO films and THREE amazing Netflix series.

I booked a recurring role in ERIC. a 6-part thriller series for Netflix, starring Benedict Cumberbatch,

I’m now a Series Regular on an animated action comedy, KITTI KATZ for Netflix.

I’m recurring in CAPTAIN LASERHAWK: A Blood Dragon Remix, an animated series for Netflix.

I booked  a guest star role in a historical docu-drama for Netflix, shot in Morocco.

I just finished co-writing a feature-length TV movie script and submitted it to an interested producer.

I just wrapped an indie feature, where I’m Number 5 on the call sheet in a role I loved playing.

And right now, I’m filming a new guest star role in a series for a major streamer (but I can’t mention what yet).

Amazing!  Bit it’s also about who you’ve become along the way, too, isn’t it?

Yes!  I’ve become braver about reaching out to my industry ‘fans.” I’ve become more active on social media as a way to connect with industry folks, share some positivity and create buzz about my work.

I’ve begun writing to casting directors and directors who I’ve worked with or want to work with more frequently.

And I’m prioritizing networking/social opportunities like screenings, wrap parties and industry talks – despite my social anxiety.

Talk about outer breakthroughs! I’m not surprised, since this is what happens to so many of my students who go through this process, but I always love hearing about it.  And it’s not just about the bookings, but the momentum you’re creating and the JOY you are feeling along the way.

What has been the biggest change in your life or career since doing the course?

I made so many incredible shifts, both inner and outer.  I did most of the course while on location filming in Budapest, and become bolder and really learned how to make the most of my working days.

Amazing!  I remember getting these DM’s from you and getting teary-eyed (in an actress/mom to actress/mom way) that I could help you live your dreams (and let go of any guilt). You are showing your children what it means to follow your heart.

YES!  The other realization was that I want more creative power, and that it’s a way to take back some control over my creative path and stop waiting around for the phone to ring. And that every day I have the power to actively change the way I feel.

What a powerful combination.  How have the tools + teachings helped you along the way?

The Success Breakthrough Workshop helped me to become empowered to actively create the life I’ve always dreamed of.

And anytime I start to dip back into negative thoughts or limiting beliefs, I reread my notes from the course or try a visualization and I feel uplifted again.

I remember that, having taken so much action, I can relax sometimes and know that good things are on their way.

One of the most valuable things I learned from doing the course was that I have the power the change the way I feel at any moment by changing my thoughts.

It’s easier said than done, but you gave us the tools and methods that make it doable.

How was this course different than anything you’ve done before?

It was more digestible and less overwhelming than other courses I’ve done. It felt manageable with my busy life.

I also enjoyed the positive support group on Facebook.

There was a good amount of course work, but not so much that I couldn’t fit it in.

What would you tell another actor who was debating about taking the course?

If you’re willing to fully engage with the work and really look at your inner game, you will see huge benefits. By investing in this course, you’re investing in yourself.  When you commit to anything financially, you create a type of accountability for yourself, therefore you’re more willing to see it through.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be brave and put yourself out there. Trust in your own innate excellence – it’s OK to grow as you go. Set up some really strong inner and outer self-care habits and make them a daily priority.

What are three words that best describe you?

Ambitious, playful, action-taker.

Where can we see you these days?
Recurring opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in a 6-part Netflix thriller, ERIC.
Series Regular in an animated action comedy, KITTI KATZ for Netflix,
Recurring in CAPTAIN LASERHAWK: A Blood Dragon Remix, animated series for Netflix.

Also appearing in:

CULPRITS, a Star Original for Disney.
BARRED, a comedy mockumentary series, created by Harry ter Haar.
PAYDAY 3 video game, by Starbreeze Studios for Deep Silver (as Shade)
DISNEY ILLUSION ISLAND video game, by Dlala Studios
ROBOCOP: ROGUE CITY video game for MGM.
THE CONTAINER, a short film written and directed by Lucy Newman-Williams.

Recently seen in Hamlet at the Park Theatre, London directed by Simon Evans and David Aula.

Where can we find you online:

Any parting words or a favorite quote?

Follow the joy.

Kosha, thank you for sharing your epic journey and huge heart with us all.  It has been an honor to be part of it.  And I know the best is yet to come.

Leave a comment below + let us know you relate to most about Kosha’s story.

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