Creative Warriors Rise: A Message Of Strength

Creative Warriors Rise: A Message Of Strength By Wendy Braun

Creative Warriors Rise:  A Message Of Strength
by Wendy Braun

‘Twas the holiday season,
and all through the house…
the actors were celebrating
that they stood up to “The Mouse.”

Declaring their value
and knowing their worth,
they picketed and marched,
and their voices were heard.

We can’t be replaced
and robots won’t do.
Time to read the new contract
all the way through.

Because real human connection
are what people want to see,
not manufactured moments,
but artists illuminating humanity.

Our self tape equipment
had been shut closed in its case.
While we fought for a new future
for one-hundred and eighteen days.

Our resilience shined bright,
Because creative warriors always rise.
No matter the battle,
no matter the prize.

No matter who tells us
the impossible can’t be done.
We forge ahead on this journey,
and stand strong ’til we’ve won.

Amidst twists and turns
and even detour signs,
we are artists to our core,
and it is light we want to shine.

So whether you are excited
or wondering what’s ahead…
Whether you are hopeful,
or pulling covers over your head…

Remember, my fellow warrior,
there’s one truth that still remains…
The artist’s journey is the road few travel
and YOU are here to stay.

No “double strike” or “pandemic”
can pull you off this path.
But your mental health matters most,
And those friends that make you laugh.

You’re in this for the long game.
It’s not a short distance run.
Careers take time to build and grow…
and you are nowhere near done.

In fact you’re just getting started
on the next chapter of your story.
You are the writer of it,
so bask in all its glory.

Decide today to acknowledge
that you have come so far.
Send love to whatever feeling arises
And make peace with where you are.

Your mindset, moving forward,
will be what matters most.
Especially when you see other’s successes
and all their bright shiny posts.

Don’t add meaning to these events,
but see them all as signs,
that your time, my friend, is coming,
and then tend daily to your mind.

Don’t linger too long in lack,
doubt or deep despair…
Feel the feelings of your wish fulfilled…
The answers you seek are there.

Because if you can hold the vision
And feel that your big dream is done.
The next action steps will be revealed
Along with your time in the sun.

Dare to focus now on your inner game
and you’ll find the key to your fate.
Right now a shift in perspective
will be what unlocks the gate.

And in the end, you’ll one day see
It wasn’t about all you had done…
But about your creative warrior journey
And who it required you to become.

Love + Gratitude,

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Want a printable of the “Creative Warriors Rise” poem?
Let me know what resonated with you most in the comments below,
then click here to download the poem.  Or listen to it spoken by me here.

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16 thoughts on “Creative Warriors Rise: A Message Of Strength”

  1. That is an AWESOME poem, Wendy girl!😄🌻⭐️ Thank you so much for sharing so much inspiration throughout the years! May your bright light so shine, always!

  2. This is incredible, Wendy! I received this beautiful gift in my inbox and HAD to come here to write you a big thank you!

    A glum, sad actress
    found her way to her inbox
    after days of not working
    after months and months of ‘talks’

    Fearful of the future
    and all that it could hold
    she forgot her power
    forgot she could be bold.

    Then–a poem from Wendy Braun
    Full of joy and hope and light
    Inspiring creative warriors
    Reminding them of their might

    The glum, sad actress
    felt a smile bloom on her cheeks
    the future is bright!
    The taste of hope is oh, so, sweet!

    Big thank you Wendy, for constantly sharing your light with the world. You are such a treasure!

    1. Ok, now I’m teary-eyed! This is the sweetest thing ever, and truly makes my day. SO glad it spoke to you and that you’re writing me hear – IN RHYME! Love it!

    1. Aw, thank you Catherine. I feel the love. And it’s always nice to hear that my work makes a difference in the lives of others. xoxo

  3. You’re good, you! So very good! 😉
    Thank you, Wendy! You always know what to say with such beauty and power!
    So many hugs for you, my friend!!! 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you. I just share my truth from the heart. Wrote this in my backyard this weekend, with tears streaming down my face. Glad it spoke to you.

    1. Thanks so much. It poured out of me this weekend as a love letter to all creative warriors. Glad it spoke to you too.

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