The Mindset Needed To Change Your Destiny

Whether you’re gong through a tough time or feeling on top of your game,
Whether you’ve been with me for years, or just finding your way to me now, or somewhere in between.
Whether you’re just starting out on your creative journey, or you’ve been “at this awhile…”

When you don’t allow your circumstances to define you, derail you or defeat you…you can change your destiny.

Here’s the mindset needed…

These declarations poured out of me, as I was wanting to get across truly how AMAZING you are.

This is what your TRUE SELF wants you to know…. (read it silently or out loud as you embody the following in your mind, body + soul).

Declare it with me:
I am Valuable
I am Intuitive
I am Enough
I am Worthy
BECAUSE I EXIST. This is my new point of V.I.E.W.

It don’t need to achieve some external condition, job, accolade, award, recognition to OWN THIS KNOWING.

And It’s okay if I forgot it along the way.

Because today is a new day. And I am in the game. Not only am I in the game…

I AM the game.
I am the player.
I am the coder.
I am the hero.
I am the villain.
I am the writer.
I am the actor.
I am the director of my own life.

And I am the one writing the entire story.
And I can rewrite the story AT ANY TIME.

And with all of its twists and turns, what I realize now is how much I MATTER.

I no longer seek validation of this outside me.
It’s within me.
I no longer try to get others to see my value.
I AM valuable.
I no longer push when I need rest.
I AM intuitive.
I no longer hope “I get picked” to prove I’m enough.
I AM enough.
I no longer need to “get somewhere” to feel worthy.
I AM worthy.

I already am it. And today, I get to bask in this knowing, notice the parts of my mind that may want to tell me otherwise, recognize the lies, and the villain within, and get back to the JOY of WHY I do what I do.

I am doing it for the JOY, the LOVE, the FUN, the HUMAN EXPRESSION, the CREATIVE FLOW, the LIFE FORCE that moves through me when I am creating and IN THE FLOW.


And I am going to allow my intuition to guide me to more moments of FLOW. To guide me to my TRUE KNOWING.

I am here to do amazing things in my life, with amazing people, and open myself up to extraordinary experiences.

I see myself in a whole new light.
I am the LIGHT.
I am a beacon of love and light in the world, and I bring that unique and divine energy into everything I do.

The world LIGHTS UP EVEN BRIGHTER because I am here.

And as I allow my own beautiful LIGHT to shine – it allows other people recognize their own light more easily too.

I am happy with where I am, at peace with how it’s gone, and so eager and excited for what lies ahead.

I finally figured it out.

I already AM that which I want to be.
It is all within me right now.
I don’t wait to be chosen.

I choose me.

My identity has shifted. My certainty has shifted. My confidence has shifted.

Nothing is missing. Nothing is lost.

I’m no longer searching and seeking and striving.
I’m calm and relaxed, and trusting.

Things are unfolding in perfect divine order.

Things are being revealed to me every day, and I recognize the signs. I pick up all the clues. I delight in all the synchronicities.

I start celebrating myself and every single step I take and have taken.

I MARVEL in how far I have come.

I stand on the mountain of my life at this moment and simply MARVEL at the view and all I have created, experienced and become.

What an amazing life I am living right now, and so many new adventures up ahead.

I believe in myself now more than I ever have.

And what a wonderful moment this is.

To know that I am no longer doing ANY OF IT to prove myself.

I am doing it from a place of love and offering that love in my work, in my life, in my relationships, in my career with deep appreciation for WHO I AM, while letting go of needing a certain response or outcome and having FUN ALONG THE WAY.

I already am that which I want to be. Now, I get to enjoy the ride.


P.S. Drop whatever statement in the comments spoke to you the most (or anything you’d like to add).

I hope this serves as a loving reminder that you are indeed, AMAZING and this is the mindset needed to change your destiny, one day at a time.

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2 thoughts on “The Mindset Needed To Change Your Destiny”

  1. My identity has shifted. My certainty has shifted. My confidence has shifted.

    Nothing is missing. Nothing is lost.

    I already am that which I want to be.
    Now, I get to enjoy the ride.

  2. Wendy,
    I am loving the I AM’s and I know you know that I AM is what I say and write in my goals everyday as in Dr. Wayne Dyers Wishes Fulfilled” we know that I AM THAT I AM is WHO GOD says HE is and we are that part of GOD
    I Am that is collapsing time and waiting on HIM. So your V.I.E.W. Of Who I Am is so enlightening and encouraging!
    Thank you
    I keep at your collection of audition and performance collections all the time.

    DuJuan Johnson is another good one.
    It’s great to be among a team of believers that have a knowing!
    GOD bless you
    I always pray for you and your Family for peace, joy, love and prosperity!
    Gratefully yours,
    Freddie Ganno

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