From Self-Tape To The Set (3 Behind-The-Scenes Tips For Capturing Moments On The Job)

I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity.  I also believe that many opportunities are just around the corner for you.

So, I’d like to help you prepare like a pro, now (and give you a sneak peek at how I graciously grab moments on the set, so you can do the same).

Recently. I booked a great dramatic role in a feature film, off a self-tape. And this week I’m heading to the premiere, as the film “BREAK” hits theaters on Friday.  (And yes, it’s always fun to see your name on the poster).

Though I knew I couldn’t share ANY of the details before the film was announced in the trades, I also knew that once it came out, I wanted to have plenty of pics and videos to share the journey from my self-tape to the booking, to the behind-the-scenes fun on set to the trades announcement.

I put it together in an Instagram reel like this….

​​SIDE NOTE: Even though my character is a nurse, notice how I do not dress “in costume” in the self-tape. I give the feel of the character without wearing a “nurse outfit.”

Of course it’s great to get hired, and yes, it’s fun to do the job, but being savvy about promoting the project once it airs might not be second nature to you, so that’s why I put this list together.

PLEASE NOTE: Most projects these days are top-secret, so I advise you to always ask permission and never post anything that reveals even the slightest detail about your booking until after its release date.

Here are 3 Behind-The-Scenes Tips For Capturing Moments On The Job:

1. Ask permission to record a boomerang (video or pic) during your wardrobe fitting.
The wardrobe fitting can be a great time to capture the first glimpse of your character coming to life.

Again, you always want to ask first, and mention, “I won’t share this until the project is released (or until you get permission from production), but would you mind doing a quick Boomerang for me?”

Recording a Boomerang (that’s an app) or photo or video, and save it.  This can add a fun behind-the-scenes element to promoting your project.

You can tell this is now a thing with me on just about every job I work on (whether I”m in the wardrobe trailer (no that’s not my closet), outside the studio, or stepping up to my own trailer).

It’s also fun AND easy, and clearly I like to “dance it out”…

2. Do a time-lapse walk.
This is an easy and fun way to show what it looks like to film on location without giving away many details.  It’s fast, it’s fun + it gives a quick glimpse of life on set behind-the-scenes.  You just press “Time-Lapse” on your phone’s camera and start walking.

3. Do an impromptu interview.
As you become more well-known as an actor, promoting a movie essentially becomes part of your job description when a project is released.

With social media as another form of promotion, having good behind-the-scenes content is not only a great way to highlight what you’re working on, but you can also repurpose it for future #TBT (Throwback Thursday) posts as well, if there’s someone you worked with behind the scenes, ask to do a quick interview of what they loved about working on the project.

You can literally say, “Hey, I won’t share anything until this is released, but can we do a quick interview about what you enjoyed most about this project.”

PRO TIP: As you make friends with the crew (and learn their names), you’d be amazed at how helpful they are when you need someone to take a quick picture or snag a boomerang in the wardrobe trailer.

The idea with all of these videos is to capture these moments while you are working so you have a variety of “behind-the-scenes” pics and videos to use to promote your appearance once the project airs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never give away wardrobe, script, cast list or any details about the show you are working on. Sometimes you can be discreet and show “that you’re working” without giving away “on what.”

Don’t let this be you:  An actor friend of mine told me he’s kicking himself because he didn’t take one picture while he was shooting several episodes of high profile project and now he has absolutely nothing to use to promote his appearance on the show.

He said, “I either just forget while I’m on set or I don’t really know what pics to take.” I realized that there are so many elements even professional working actors miss, when it comes to making the most of every win.

So I put together this free training to give you a sneak peek at my top 5 secrets for becoming a successful working actor – a jam-packed masterclass to help you rock your self-tapes, book more jobs + shine in every role.  Click here to watch for free.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what you can do on your next booking.  Let me know in the comments below, which one you’re going to add to your “Booked it” list.

See you on the set! (And when I do, I’ll be happy to take your pic!).

Love + Gratitude,

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