3 Must-Have Moments To Capture On The Job (So You’re Ready To Make The Most Of Every Win)

For my recent appearance on the final season of This Is Us, my publicist put together this press release and said, “I’m always amazed at how you capture such magical moments on every job.  I wish more actors would do this.  It makes sharing the win so much easier.”

And I replied, “Doesn’t every actor you work with do this?”  And she said, emphatically, “Absolutely not. Some actors don’t ever capture any moments from the jobs they do.”

I thought I’d walk you through the top 3 must-have moments to capture on every job, so you are ready to make the most of every win (and show you what I did on This Is Us).

Sure, it’s great to get hired, and yes, it’s fun to do the job, but being savvy about promoting the booking, the behind-the-scenes and the project once it airs might not be second nature to you.

Please note that lots of projects are top-secret, so I advise you to always ask permission and never post anything that reveals even the slightest detail about your booking until after its release date.

But once it airs, promoting your win (and the project) is a alot easier if you captured a few moments while you were on the job.

Here are “The Top 3 Must-Have Moments To Capture On Every Job”

1. Take a selfie in your trailer.

Capture a quick selfie in the mirror.  In fact, why not do it twice?  Once in your character’s wardrobe (but NEVER share this photo until the project is released).

And once in your own clothes.  You could use 2nd one as a “Booked It” teaser, as long as you don’t give away any details in the background.  Be mindful of what’s in your photo and never share part of a script, contract or the callsheet. 

This shot is in my character’s fabulous Gucci wardrobe, but I made sure not to share it until after This Is Us had aired. 

2. Photo of you outside of your trailer (ideally near your name, character’s name or project name).

You can always ask a production assistant to snap a quick shot just outside of your trailer. (I did the one below myself). And you grab a shot in your character’s wardrobe and in your own clothes. Either way, you’ll want to save these and not post anything until after the project is released. But once it is, you’ll have multiple pics to share.

This photo gives away nothing (since I’m in my own clothes) except the fact that I’m working. If it said “This Is Us” anywhere on the trailer, I wouldn’t post it until after it aired.

3. Photo of you in the set cast chair

If there’s time while you are on set (often between set ups or scene changes), be sure to capture a shot of you in the set cast chair.  Make sure the project title is visible (on the back of the chair).  

PRO TIP: If you learn people’s names when you first arrive on set and are gracious and professional while you are there, before you leave and head back to your trailer, asking someone to snap a quick picture becomes easier to do.

Keep in mind, you’ll have to work with whatever is already set up.  You don’t want to be moving the set chairs all over the place just to capture this photo.  It’s simply a behind-the-scenes moment, so “present and in the moment” is better than perfect.  And you can always lighten it on your phone later. Don’t ever share this photo until the project is released.

The idea with all of these photos is to capture these moments while you are working so you have a variety of “behind-the-scenes” shots to use to promote your appearance once the project airs. Never give away wardrobe, script, cast list or any details about the show you are working on. Sometimes you can be discreet and show “that you’re working” without giving away “on what”.

Don’t let this be you:  An actor friend of mine told me he’s kicking himself because he didn’t take one picture while he was shooting a high profile project and now he has absolutely nothing to use to promote his appearance on the show.

He said, “I either just forget while I’m on set or I don’t really know what pics to take.” I realized that he needed a media checklist + some guidance on how to get those important moments to share.

So I created The Working Actor’s Media Checklist with photo ideas + video script prompts to help you make the most out of every project you book. Download it for free here.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what you can do on your next booking. Leave a comment below and let me know which pic you’ll be sure to add to your list!

See you on the set! (And when I do, I’ll be happy to take your pic!).

Love + Gratitude,

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4 thoughts on “3 Must-Have Moments To Capture On The Job (So You’re Ready To Make The Most Of Every Win)”

  1. Love this! I think sometimes – especially in those early roles – you feel like you CAN’T take pics. You sign NDAs, are told “NO PHONES ON SET!” and you don’t know what the holding situation will be, or if there will even be one. So then you suddenly find yourself near a show-titled cast chair, with a phone (camera) that’s back in your trailer! I’ve managed to take some pics (yet to be shared, as releases haven’t happened yet), and they all felt so SNEAKY in the moment. Ugh! I wish productions would be more clear sometimes. For PR – but also just for LIFE (as someone who grew up with a Polaroid dad who captured EVERY moment) – you want to have those memories, but… it feels too risky, even when you know you won’t put them on social media before their time (if ever). Thanks for clarifying what is okay to capture, and when it’s okay to share. 🙂

  2. Cathryn de Prume

    Yes yes yes! No matter how many pics I take onset I always wished I had taken more! Thank you for your always brilliant advice! ❤️

  3. Appreciate the advice, especially about when to be careful about not posting. I love the idea of two pics, one in your street clothes and one in wardrobe, but saving the wardrobe shots until after the air date. Thanks!

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