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I Allow Myself To Feel

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Morning Mindset Meditation

I allow myself to feel.

Feelings are just energy

I am open to feeling all of my feelings.

I take a deep breath in and know the more I embrace all of my feelings, the faster they wash through me.

I exhale and let go of trying to push down any feelings I perceive as negative.

I no longer place judgement on my feelings, labeling them good or bad, they are all just energy.

At an audition, if I feel nervoious, I allow the feeling in and even let it grow.  As I aknowledge it, it dissipates.

I am here — I am present in the moment , allowing myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling.

When I don’t ry to hide my feelings, I am living in my truth.

What would it take for me to allow myself to feel all of my feelings this week?

Want help embracing all that you feel at auditions + on the job?

Guided Meditations/Visualizations that you may enjoy are:
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