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I Listen. Then Talk.

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Morning Mindset Meditation

I listen. Then talk.

When I am fully listening, then I am fully present.

When I slow down, the answers are always revealed to me.

When I take in the world around me by listening first, my inner guidance always shows me the way.

When I take the time to listen first, the other person feels heard.

I take a deep breath in when I want to interupt someone, and just listen.

I exhale and release needing to finish other peoples sentences.

In an audition  setting, I learn the most by listening….

I let go of needing to be right.  When I can simply listen, things have an amazing way of working themselves out.

I take the time to listen– to my body, my heart, my conversations.

I listen first, and then talk.

What would it take for me to listen first and then talk this week?

Want to create a playlist for becoming more present + bringing your best self to auditions + on the job?

Guided Meditations/Visualizations you may enjoy are:

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