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Actors: Do This Now + See A Shift.

What if, today, you decided:

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We all do it.  We allow the inner critic to take over + it often keep us from trying, leaping, asking, changing, and adventuring into the unknown.

After years of listening to my own inner critic, I now realize that it is simply my ego just trying to keep me safe. The ego likes control + is not a big fan of change. But within change is where growth + expansion reside.  And I believe we have chosen to become actors in order to grow.

So, guess what?  It’s time to turn the volume down on your inner critic +  tell yourself: I am amazing!

Go ahead, say it out loud right now.  Smile + say it.  Let it light you up from the inside out.

Who you REALLY are already knows this.  You were born feeling this way.  My 2 year-old knows this + operates from this magical place every single day.  No wonder he’s so happy all the time!

Not sure when we lose this knowing or where it goes, but I do know that we can reclaim it…now.
Go ahead, choose this feeling, say it to yourself all day, all week, all month.  Whatever it takes for you to start believing it + then, watch what happens.

Here’s to your amazing self.

~ Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation

I let go of all the lies I have been telling myself.  I am amazing.

There is a space within me that knows that I am amazing.  It might be a slight shift from where I am right now, but I  can make this shift today, consciously + by choice.

I make this shift into knowing that I am amazing – every minute if I have to, every hour, every few hours. daily, weekly.  I make it my mantra + it becomes my belief.

My highest self knows that I am amazing + worthy + ready for more abundance in all areas of my life.

I let go of all of the lies + stories my inner critic has been telling me. I know this is really just my ego trying to keep me safe.

I realize today, that I am not my inner critic.

Who I am is enough.

I am light, I am love, I radiate joy, confidence + inner peace.

I no longer need validation form anyone or anything – any agent, casting director, audition, callback or job to know that I am amazing.

I step into my light today more than ever before.

What would it take this week, for me to really let go of all of the lies I have been telling myself about me + know that I am amazing?!

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