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When You Want To Make A Change In Your Acting Career: Do This First

Before I make a change in any area, I make sure I have shifted + expanded my beliefs about what I think is possible for me. |


Since I know it’s my beliefs that effect the outcome every time, this work, I believe, is the most important + a vital first step to making big changes.

I also know that a belief is just a thought I keep thinking. A belief is simply a habit of thought..  So whenever I find myself thinking something that isn’t in alignment with what I want, I try to stop + say, “That’s an interesting belief.”

So when a negative thought comes up for you, instead of worrying about it, just become a witness to your ego’s mental chatter +  know that you can choose a new thought at any time.

It’s a process that sometimes needs a daily reminder. (which is why I created these meditations).

Since you are the actor, writer, director + producer of the story of your life, know that when you find ways to believe in yourself more every day, your storyline becomes better + better.

Here’s to expanding your beliefs!

~Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation

The more I believe in myself, the better my storyline becomes.

I am the actor, writer, producer + director in my own movie….my life.

I decide what story to tell through my words, actions, thoughts + beliefs.

I can rewrite my story anytime I choose.

I believe in my own value, worth + talents.

I take steps daily to expand my belief + confidence in myself + my work.

I know I am on the right path + I have a choice in every moment to choose a thought that makes me feel good.

There have been no missteps along the way…everything has been leading me in the right direction for my own expansion + growth.

I love taking 100% responsibility for my career, + knowing that I can change the direction of it all right now through the power of my own belief.

I no longer blame anyone for things that might be missing in my life.  I look deep within, and find ways to love myself more.

My time is now.  I feel a shift.  Things are getting better + better.  I am ready for change.

If this resonates with you + you’d like to believe in yourself more at auditions + even on the job,
Guided Meditations/Visualizations you may enjoy are:
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