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What To Do When You Are Spinning Your Wheels


Do you ever find yourself running, doing + being so busy that you forget to take care of yourself?

Before I met my husband or had kids, I must confess, if I had a postcard mailing that needed to be done by a certain day, I would literally eat cookie dough for dinner + get back to work.

I had so much drive + ambition, that the idea of slowing down to take care of myself seemed counterproductive to whatever task needed to get done.  Ultimately, I was coming from a place of fear.  If I took a break or time for myself, I somehow thought my career wouldn’t thrive.

Funny enough, the more I started slowing down in my life while dating my husband, and taking better care of myself, the better my career became.  I even started getting straight offers for great roles in great projects.

So, what did that show me?

The more I took time out to show myself pure love, the more valuable I started feeling, + the more the Universe responded with ease, flow + love: from bookings to marriage.

Try slowing down your life this week + replenishing your body, mind + soul with love + see what shifts in your world.

Sending love your way,

~ Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation

I make time to replenish my body, mind + soul…The Universe responds with love.

When I make an appointment with myself as important as my appointments with others, my body, mind + soul thrives.

I take a deep breath in + let go of any stress or worry that has been clouding my thoughts.

I exhale + see my body, mind and soul being filled up with love + light.

I now give myself all the love I need.

I take actions every day that show myself love from exercising, to eating well, to reading uplifting stories + surrounding myself with  positive people.

The more I love myself, the more love is mirrored back to me in unexpected wonderful ways.

I send my body, mind + soul loving messages as often as I can.

I find uplifting ways to keep myself going throughout the week.

What would it take, this week, for me to make time to replenish my body, mind + soul more than ever before?

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