My 2-Step Process For Post Self-Tape Frustration

    Hope you had a fun + safe Halloween weekend. Personally, I’ve cried a few times this past week for all kinds of reasons.  You too?

    As you may know, I got choked up while sharing my very vulnerable story about growing up with shame, anxiety + around mental illness (and how it has all shaped the work I do with actors). Click here to watch the video.

    I cried again reading your beautiful responses and how sharing my story helped you to realize not only are you not alone, but that it’s okay to share your vulnerability and your pain as well.  In fact, your deepest pain can become your greatest gift, if you can face it, feel it and heal it.  I hope you now know, we are all in this together.

    Then, over the Halloween weekend, as I was folding 3 piles of laundry on the bed with my ever-supportive husband, while my children were bouncing off the walls from a candy-induced sugar rush, I broke down again.  

    Can I just say…tears are a breakthrough. So please, by all means, go ahead and cry your eyes out (especially if you’ve been holding it all in lately for whatever reason).

    Ok, so in addition to feeling emotional about politics + pandemics, heck, I’ve had some great self-tapes lately, and I haven’t heard anything yet, and it all just got to me.

    I know as actors, we each put our whole heart into what we do, and sometimes it’s hard to let it all go and be present in the moment. (Yes, I struggle with this too).

    So I made this quick video to walk you through exactly what I do when I’m deeply frustrated (and how to release it in seconds).  And whether you use my method this week to deal with politics, pandemics or post self-tape, I truly hope this helps you.  (And you enjoy my Halloween makeup).

    Click the video below to learn my 2 step process for post-selftape meltdown frustration.
    (I think you’ll love it!)

    I hope this helps you to know that every actor goes through these kinds of moments.  

    I don’t care how many credits you have, (more…)

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    How to create BIG results…

    What a weekend!  I did two live events connecting with actors from Vancouver to Capetown, Finland to New York and London to LA. 

    To connect with this amazing community LIVE, and dive deep into how you can create real momentum and thrive through uncertainty left us all feeling empowered and uplifted.

    Here are some of the awesome comments that were lighting up the chat….

    It truly makes my day to give back to actors in this way + share all I’ve learned on this journey.

    If you missed it, no worries, we’ve made the replay available here.  (It won’t be up for long so catch it now). 

    This training has made such a big impact on actors, because it’s all based on what is working right now, amidst the current climate and conditions in our world + the industry.  

    It’s fresh perspectives, real life stories, and tangible tools you can implement today.

    Then, I’ll show you exactly how to apply what you learn to your daily life right now – so you can feel empowered + become unstoppable (instead of simply adding more “should do’s” to your plate).

    What I’ve learned about getting big results in my life, whether it’s becoming fit (in my body or mind) or up-leveling my life and career, is that it’s never about one, big giant moment, (that’s just what most people see on Instagram).

    Big results come from small, committed daily actions.

    And look, I know right now, many of us feel “off our game” and “off our routine.”

    So. if there is one action today that will help you create real momentum this week, this month and this year, it’s (more…)

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    Easing Your Anxiety (My Gift To You) ???

    I’ve created something to help you ease anxiety + improve well-being during this global pandemic, and decided to give it away for free to anyone who needs it.

    I know there’s a lot of fear + uncertainty in the world right now, but this is also a beautiful opportunity to go within + create more peace in your life.

    The Dalai Lama states that, “World peace begins with inner peace.”

    Sometimes, in the midst of chaos, people have an even harder time finding stillness.

    In fact, one friend, who knows she should meditate, told me, “Right now, meditation just feels like worrying with my eyes closed.”

    I get it. That’s where guided meditation comes in.

    You don’t need to know how to meditate.

    You don’t have to sit in the lotus pose.

    You just need to know how to download an audio, press play + listen.

    In under 15 minutes, I will guide you to quiet your mind, relax your body + open your heart.

    Just imagine if everyone in the world did this for 15 minutes a day, what kind of peace might emerge out of this global pause.

    Here’s to knowing that in every moment throughout your day, you have the option to choose peace over panic, and I’m excited to provide a free guided meditation to help you realign your mind + alleviate some of your stress.

    Click here to download your free guided meditation for Easing Anxiety + Improving Well-Being.

    unnamed (more…)

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    How To Expand Into Your Best Self: 20 Things To Say Yes To Today

    When we are looking to expand into all that we want to become in our lives + our careers, sometimes the path ahead can feel daunting + uncertain.

    Our inner critic will convince us it’s safer to stay where we are, or even turn around, then to forge ahead on the unknown path.

    But what if all it took to move forward was a simple inner mental shift.

    Where instead of listening to the inner critic’s voice that says….

    …I can’t, it won’t happen, it’s not possible, it isn’t hear yet, so it must not be coming, etc.

    What if, instead, we simply said YES to ourselves more often.

    Here are 20 Things To Say YES To Today to get you going again on your path…
    Today, I open myself up to my own expansion and…. (more…)

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    Are You Attached To Your Struggle Story?

    Are you attached to your struggle story?

    Do you tell yourself certain things every day about how things aren’t going for you?

    Are these stories leaving you feeling stressed out, rushed, agitated, overwhelmed or frustrated?

    I have definitely been there and understand if you feel this way.

    But it wasn’t until I realized that, at the root of it all, there was a story I was telling myself that was causing all of my distress.

    For a long time, my struggle story was, “I don’t have enough time.”

    Being a working actress, a CEO, a wife and a mother with two young boys, I often felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day for all I had to do.

    I used to have clocks in every room of my house (even the kids’ rooms), because I always needed to know the time.

    Everything I did revolved around a schedule. Even reading to them at bedtime had to have a time limit.

    One day, a feng shui expert came over and asked why I had clocks in the kids’ rooms.

    I sheepishly told her, because I go back to doing my work after they go to sleep, and I need to make sure I have enough time.

    She pointed out that this story was not only making me less present with my kids, but that it wasn’t helping anyone (especially me) relax.

    As scary as it was for me, I decided to remove the clocks and change my story.

    I started telling myself:

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    Want better results? Do this…

    The more I look back on the manifestations I’ve had in my life, whether it has been in my acting career, building relationships, creating abundance or even getting married and having a family, there has been a through line, a pattern, that has helped me over and over again.

    That is one of ease, flow and letting go.

    Whenever I tried to “white knuckle” the Universe into giving me what I wanted when I wanted it, I was not only acting from my ego, but ultimately creating more resistance on my own path. (This took me years to understand, so hopefully I’m giving you a shortcut here.)

    I now know, I don’t have to do it all alone.

    I am supported by something bigger than myself, and when I surrender to that power (whatever you wish to call it)  I am always guided to a higher plane.

    It has been through this deeper awareness through mindful meditation (or guided meditation, which has been easier for me), that I have come to know + trust that there has been a divine order to my life and how it is unfolding.

    When I am carefree, and flexible with what is (or isn’t) showing up, I am signaling the Universe to co-create for my highest good.

    The same is true for you.

    Deepak Chopra explains that when you create ease + flow within, “you are then no longer bound by the ego’s insecurities + cravings.”

    “The more detached you are from the results, the better the results.” – Deepak Chopra. 

    It’s not that we have to let go or lose sight of our desires or our intentions, but when we let go of our ego’s timelines (more…)

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    What To Do When Fear Stops You

    Have you been allowing fear to stop you from taking action lately?

    Do you convince yourself that it’s too late, that you’re not ready or that you don’t know where to begin?

    Guess what? That’s just your ego’s way of trying to keep you safe + in your comfort zone.

    When you align with your true self, you access a power within you that can overcome any fear.

    When you seek this alignment first, taking action becomes easier. (Most people just keep taking more action without adjusting their thoughts).

    To manifest your desires, you need to engage in both high vibration thought and action.
    So don’t allow fear to stop you from doing what you came here to do. (more…)

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    One Secret To Booking More Work

    I’m keeping it short + sweet today, as I’m about to head to San Jose for my first ever Tony Robbins Live Event! Woohoo!

    Yep, I’m gonna be walking on coals, dancing in the aisles, and gathering more inspiration + insights to share with you all!

    It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never made the time.

    I booked the tickets months ago (yep, to leave smack in the middle of pilot season), and even invited my best gal pal to join me.

    Not only did I end up booking a great top-of-show-recurring-guest-star gig…but I was able to shoot 2 episodes in the last 2 weeks and just found out that I have this coming week OFF!

    I spoke up and gave the production office my out-of-town dates, but also told them I was willing to move things around a bit, if need be.

    (Secretly, I was hoping I didn’t have to cancel on Tony Robbins.)

    I kept holding the vision of my friend and I in San Jose, while also feeling immense gratitude for this wonderful job.

    And, well, it all worked out.

    So, what’s on your joy + fun list these days?


    Is there something you are putting off because you don’t want to miss out on an acting opportunity?

    Here’s one secret to booking more:

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    How You Can Start Loving It All (Even If You Have The Post-Oscar Blues)

    Did you watch the Oscars last night? No matter how it left you feeling, I’m hoping today’s post will uplift you.

    Last night, my husband + I were invited to a black tie Oscar viewing party at The Hollywood Museum + I had the dream of wearing a gown from an amazing designer who creates handmade works of art.

    Follow me here on instagram to see the pics.

    And this morning, I’m back on the set, shooting another episode of a wonderful TV show I worked on last week + am feeling so grateful to do what I love, while also inspiring other actors along the way.

    I want you to know that just 4 weeks ago, after having some great auditions and not really booking anything, I was feeling pretty down about how 2018 was going.

    I wanted to feel better, but there were days, where I just couldn’t get out of my own funk + lift myself up. Can you relate?
    Well, it got me thinking….

    It seems we search for ways to feel good, and often run in fear of feeling anything less than what we deem as “positive emotions.”

    But what if feeling all emotions were positive?unnamed
    What if every emotion you feel throughout your day was here to awaken you?

    And what if you could start loving it all?

    We often spend our time judging, criticizing + labeling ourselves + our emotions + then adding to the story of what it all means.
    What if, throughout your day, whatever thought or emotion was getting your attention, you could simply (more…)

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    Where To Focus When Nothing Is Going On…..

    When there are slow patches in your career, do you go down the dark rabbit hole of worry + self-doubt?

    Do you start obsessing about how you did on your last audition or wondering if you’ll ever get another one?

    I know. I’ve been there.

    But, when you shift your focus from what is not working to what’s going right in your life, things will begin to shift in your favor.

    This year started off kinda quiet for me (well, except all of my free trainings for actors!), and it would have been easy for me to start ranting + raving….

    “What are my reps doing?”
    “Where are my auditions?”
    “What am I missing out on?”

    But asking myself those questions only produces answers (and feelings) rooted in lack and fear.

    So instead, I focused all of my energy on helping other actors (like you) succeed, while getting into a mental head-space of radical appreciation for what was working in my life.

    Why would this matter?

    Within the next week, I ended up getting 3 amazing auditions, including a request to read for a different role on a project I had already been in for late last year.

    (Something I didn’t even know would come back around, and could have easily spent a lot of wasted time examining what I might have not done “right” at that initial audition.)

    And then, a wonderful booking came in (which I can’t give details about yet) and an invitation to attend a red carpet Oscar party.

    And all from shifting my focus + how it made me feel when nothing was going on. That’s it.

    Sounds simple, right? It Is, but many actors choose to take the struggling route of complaining + blaming + then berating themselves. Then they spend their days busying themselves with “doing more” from this space of lack.

    What they don’t realize, is that it’s hamster wheel that just produces more of the same.

    So, what if, no matter how things look right now, you told yourself this:

    Instead of spending anytime criticizing or berating myself today,

    I marvel at all I’ve done + who I’ve become along the way.


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