3 Steps To Take When You Feel Lost

    Thirteen years ago, I was on the edge of a devastating breakup and days like Valentine’s Day would spark a sadness within me that would turn the rest of February into my least favorite month.

    Especially since I had a timeline of how my life was going to go + clearly I was “off schedule,” since I was going to be married with kids by age 33.

    When we feel lost in the woods and we can’t seem to find our way, it’s easy to think thinks will never change.

    Time definitely gives you perspective, and as I look back now, this is what I wish I knew….

    Love wherever you are in your journey and know that it is all leading you to the light.

    Because ultimately, life had even better plans for me.

    And interestingly enough, it was after spending a year where I focused on giving myself everything I thought I needed a relationship to give to me, that an old friend (who I did a film with 10 years prior) came along and changed my life. (more…)

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    How To Deal With Uncomfortable Feelings

    What do most of us do when we don’t want to deal with uncomfortable feelings?

    We suppress them. We run from them. We distract ourselves. We check email. Check Facebook. Check Instagram. Check Twitter. Check Facebook Again. We scroll + comment. We rant + rave. We get more frustrated.

    Or we distract ourselves in other ways. Some use eating, smoking, drinking. gambling, shopping, blaming, or shaming, all in a massive effort to not feel.

    It’s a vicious cycle that may bring instant or temporary relief, but will never provide any long term gain.

    Why? All of these activities get us to check out + tune out from what’s really going on.

    What if, this week, instead of tuning out to what’s bothering you, you tuned in?

    Instead of running from fear or sadness, or trying to suppress shame or disappointment, what if you embraced it + allowed it to be heard.

    Here’s what you would d discover….

    What if any time you experienced uncomfortable feelings (more…)

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    11 Reasons You Feel Stuck (And How To Set Yourself Free)

    When you are feeling down, stuck or frustrated, usually one (or more) of the following is going on within you…

    1. You’re apologizing for yourself + where you are in your career.
    2. You’re in need of some external condition to make you happy.
    3. You’re forgetting that saying thank you in advance is a powerful choice.
    4. You’re in your head, allowing worry + doubt to rule your day.
    5. You’re waiting for the fear to subside before you take action.
    6. You’re trying to do everything perfectly, which keeps you procrastinating.
    7. You’re beaten down by rejection + letting it define you.
    8. You’re unaware of your true self + your inner greatness.
    9. You’re focusing on why it might not be possible for you.
    10. You’re in need of things to change to feel good.
    11. You’re allowing your current reality to dictate your mood.

    Do you notice a trend here?

    You’re apologizing, needing, forgetting, waiting, trying, beaten down and unaware.

    The good news is that by simply becoming aware of what you’re doing + how it’s making you feel, you can reclaim your power + start feeling unstoppable.

    I know that some days are harder than others to get unstuck, so I here are 11 declarations to help you.

    This is my “Credo For Feeling Unstoppable.”

    Print it out.  Make it your screensaver.  Recite it every morning. (more…)

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    The Real Cause of Your Frustration (And How to Find Relief)

    We all do it.

    When we are frustrated with our acting careers, we want find someone or something to blame.

    So, you tend to blame…

    • Your representation
    • Your lack of auditions
    • Your lack of callbacks
    • Your age
    • Your credits
    • Your ethnicity
    • Your weight/looks
    • Your connections
    • Your mate/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend
    • The casting director who didn’t smile when she/he called your name
    • The execs who didn’t look up when you walked into the room
    • The girl/guy who went in before you that books everything
    • The reader
    • The traffic
    • The weather

    But what if whatever you are blaming on this list for your frustration, wasn’t the cause of it at all?

    Isn’t that interesting to realize? “While we think that our circumstances are the cause of our frustration, the real source lies in our being unaware of our higher self. ” – Pir Vilayat

    So maybe now the question becomes, what exactly is my higher self, and how the heck do I become aware of this…self?

    Well, for starters, your higher self (more…)

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    3 Steps To Creating Certainty

    Happy June!  I can’t believe we are half way through 2016!?

    No matter what you have created (or have yet to create) in your life and career so far this year, remember this…

    Did you really take that in?

    “If you have the ability to imagine it,
    the Universe has the ability + the resources to deliver it fully to you.”


    So what stops us then? How do we lose our way? Why aren’t we where we want to be?

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    How To Find The Solutions To Your Problems

    Whenever I have felt really stuck with a problem in my life, it has usually been for one reason.  I’m focusing more energy on how the problem is delaying me, annoying me or frustrating me in some way vs. shifting my mind to finding a solution.

    When you are busy talking about, ranting about, texting about, facebooking/tweeting about the problem, you are literally cutting yourself off from finding the solution.


    Telling the story over and over again about the problem (no matter how “right” you may be) is a completely different energy frequency than accessing the solution.

    It’s like having your radio dial tuned to 96.7 FM but wanting to hear 106 AM.  The frequencies are not a match.


    When we carry with us anger, regret or frustration day after day, it takes it’s toll on our health + our stress level.  It also keeps us living in the past.

    When you sleep, all thought (and resistance) ceases.  If you (more…)

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    How To Tap Into Your Own Power + Find The Answers You Seek

    One of my greatest teachers has been the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.  My mother would watch his PBS specials when I was a growing up + I would sit with her and eagerly listen to his insightful talks.

    One of my favorite quotes that inspires me to continue to create is this…


    “Don’t die with your music still in you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice + find what passion stirs your soul.”

    Carl Jung believed that intuition was one of the most important abilities that humans have.

    As actors, tapping into our intuitive inner voice can be vital to our success, happiness + well-being.

    In fact, there is a part of you that knows exactly how to do the audition sides, give the performance, make career decisions + major life decisions.

    The power is (more…)

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    A Quick Fix When Nothing Is Going As You Planned

    Seems everyone is looking for a quick fix.  We all want to feel better, do better + be better.  Right. Effing.  Now.  (I’m an Aries, so it’s more like Right.  Effing. Yesterday!)

    I’ve looked high and low to figure out how to turn things around when nothing was going as I planned, and ultimately, it always came back to the same theme over and over again.

    So ask yourself this today….


    Like most things, it’s easy to do.  Easy not to do.  Your call.

    I hope that if you choose to do one thing this week for your career (and your life) it is simply to (more…)

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    Focusing On Fear Will Do Two Things:

    If there’s something you want to do or achieve this summer, but fear is getting in the way, then now is the time to dig deep, reignite your courage + triumph over it.

    Focusing on fear will do 2 things:
    1) Keep you stuck in the past.
    2) Convince you to worry about the future.

    Most people would rather avoid the risk of failure than ever face their fears.

    But what if by moving beyond your fears, you discovered just how amazing you could become?

    What if underneath all your fear, you are really afraid of (more…)

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    5 Keys To Moving Beyond Fear

    Ever notice how anytime you decide to take some bold + courageous action, you somehow start to procrastinate, clean the house, check Facebook and do all kinds of things to distract you from from the one thing that is keeping you from living your dream?  What is the one thing?  Fear.

    Fear wants you to do anything but face it + tell it, “I am going to triumph over you.”

    It wants you to stay safe + not risk rejection or failure.  But keep this in mind….


    For a long time, my habitual response to fear was action.  If I just stayed “busy” enough, I would actually distract myself from having to deal with my fear. (more…)

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