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How To Deal With Uncomfortable Feelings

What do most of us do when we don’t want to deal with uncomfortable feelings?

We suppress them. We run from them. We distract ourselves. We check email. Check Facebook. Check Instagram. Check Twitter. Check Facebook Again. We scroll + comment. We rant + rave. We get more frustrated.

Or we distract ourselves in other ways. Some use eating, smoking, drinking. gambling, shopping, blaming, or shaming, all in a massive effort to not feel.

It’s a vicious cycle that may bring instant or temporary relief, but will never provide any long term gain.

Why? All of these activities get us to check out + tune out from what’s really going on.

What if, this week, instead of tuning out to what’s bothering you, you tuned in?

Instead of running from fear or sadness, or trying to suppress shame or disappointment, what if you embraced it + allowed it to be heard.

Here’s what you would d discover….

What if any time you experienced uncomfortable feelings you used them as an opportunity to experience the loving presence that you really are?

What if it was an invitation for you to breathe into those feelings, acknowledge them + accept the part of you that feels that way?

What if you simply chose to treat yourself with greater acceptance that you ever have?

What else might happen? You’d begin to feel your true power.

How do you do this? How do you deal with uncomfortable feelings?

1) Begin by eliminating all distractions + simply breathe.
2) Locate the feelings within your body.
3) Think of each feeling as a small child who wants to be heard.
4) Allow each feeling to be expressed. Hear what it has to say.
5) Send love + compassion to all of these parts of yourself. Repeat.

When you stop + acknowledge whatever is going on within you, you will release it’s hold on you.

So next time you find yourself incessantly checking social media (or any other form of distraction) in an effort to not feel. try tuning in, and asking yourself, what’s really going on?

You may discover that a little compassion goes a really long way.

Leave a comment on the below + let me know how you deal with uncomfortable feelings?

Here’s to a week of tuning in instead of tuning out.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy


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