How To Overcome Audition Anxiety (My Personal Story)

    I’m recurring on my 2nd season of Netflix’s Atypical (which you can start binge-watching now).

    I remember auditioning for this role in Season 1, and even though the waiting room was filled with all different types, I didn’t let it effect my audition.

    I felt grounded, connected, ready to play + that confidence definitely helped me to book the job.

    But this wasn’t always the case.

    I remember so many times when I used to sabotage myself in the waiting room or let my audition nerves get the best of me.
    I remember walking into a callback filled with 18 executives, (when I thought there would only be 3 people in the room), (more…)

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    Too Hard On Yourself? 3 Steps To Feeling Better

    It’s Labor Day here in the US, so I’m making this short + sweet today. (Hope you’re taking a break from work today too.)

    As you begin September, start noticing the story you are telling yourself – about your looks, your career, your relationships, your life.

    Is it kind? If not, it’s time to change the story.

    It’s so easy to judge and label ourselves (and others) and attach all kinds of meaning to what is or isn’t going on at any given moment.

    Just by (more…)

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    From Cold Read To Booking The Lead (3 Best Tips For Audition Success)

    I walked into an audition last month to read for a supporting role in a feature film.

    I was 3 pages in to my 4 page audition when the director stopped me and asked the casting director to give me the sides for a different role, the lead.

    They handed me 15 pages of new sides and told me to take my time in the waiting room with the material, while they continued on with their casting session.

    Here is what I did to book the role…
    My 3 best tips for audition success: (more…)

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    What To Do When Fear Stops You

    Have you been allowing fear to stop you from taking action lately?

    Do you convince yourself that it’s too late, that you’re not ready or that you don’t know where to begin?

    Guess what? That’s just your ego’s way of trying to keep you safe + in your comfort zone.

    When you align with your true self, you access a power within you that can overcome any fear.

    When you seek this alignment first, taking action becomes easier. (Most people just keep taking more action without adjusting their thoughts).

    To manifest your desires, you need to engage in both high vibration thought and action.
    So don’t allow fear to stop you from doing what you came here to do. (more…)

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    How To Handle Disappointment (For Real)

    Ever find yourself feeling elated, excited + enthusiastic about life and then the next week find yourself feeling disappointed, sad or just crying in a heap?

    This was me for the first 2 weeks of May…riding high and then feeling really low.

    The highs are easy, right?

    But, when the low point came, I found myself saying things like “You know that feeling bad isn’t helping. You have a great life. Snap out of it. What’s your problem?” 

    Then, I finally allowed myself to just not feel good, to lay on the couch with my dog and simply sob for all kinds of reasons and for no reason at all (while telling him he has it all figured out – after all, “dog” is “god” backwards + that’s gotta mean something!)

    I allowed myself to embrace the situation as it was, to feel whatever it was I was feeling without telling myself I should feel better or that I should be doing something else (something other than sobbing with my dog while my sweet husband offered his support.)

    And ya know what? I highly recommend it.

    What I came to discover is that the way “out” of those disappointing, frustrating + sad moments is to go fully through them.

    The best way to handle it all is to allow yourself to come unhinged + give yourself permission to not have to “get it together” on demand.

    So here’s what I now know.

    They key for me was to stop (more…)

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    What To Do When You Feel You’ve “Missed Your Boat”

    When you go into an audition, share your vulnerability, give it everything you’ve got + don’t get the part, it can be disappointing

    When you put your heart and soul into it + think that one audition is the key to the kingdom and you don’t get it, it can be devastating.

    You may think, “That was my big shot. I missed my boat. That was gonna change everything.”

    And then what happens? When we are faced with this kind of rejection over and over, our ego focuses too critically on all the ways we have lost. Judging ourselves as wrong, or bad, or not good enough, which can leave us feeling disappointed, dejected and sometimes hopeless.

    Your ego may try to convince you that you need to change something or fix something about you to be more “right” the next time (and it’s not to say we can’t learn from each experience, because there is always space for that), but best-selling author + psychologist Dr. Robert Holden says…

    Isn’t that powerful? “No amount of self-improvement can make up for a lack of self-acceptance.”

    So the real learning, in order to release rejection and let go of disappointment, comes from (more…)

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    5 Ways To Be Free + Brave In Every Audition

    On the heels of  the USA’s 4th of July holiday, I feel so lucky to live, as our “Star Spangled Banner” song lyrics states: “in the land of the free + the home of the brave.”

    I’ve been thinking alot about these two words lately, and what it means to be free + brave. 

    These two powerful words seem to also apply to being an actor.  This career path lends itself to having a free schedule, one that changes daily that can leave you with either too much free time or feeling a deep sense of freedom, joy + creativity, depending on how self-motivated you are +  what you do to stay inspired + growing.   Then, to put yourself out there, day after day + face rejection of all kinds, definitely makes pursuing an acting career a brave choice.  How free + brave do you feel?

    Well, in the audition room, the more free + brave you can be, the more likely you are to be remembered, called back + hired for the job.



    When you are concerned about what everyone else thinks, odds are your actions won’t be coming from a place of feeling free + brave.  Once you let that go, you will find more peace + creativity in your life + your acting work.

    As C+ C Music Factory says: “Free your mind + the rest will follow.”

    Here are 5 Ways To Be Free + Brave In Every Audition (more…)

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    Bring This Perspective To Rock Your Next Audition…

    When I watch my 2 toddlers run around in our backyard, I am reminded of our innate sense of play.
    They so purely embody that feeling of having fun, not caring who is watching + not bothered by what others are doing.

    What if you reclaimed the “I Am Here To Play” perspective this week? What if you walked into every audition thinking:

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    As actors, that is usually why we pursued this path – to creatively play for a living.  It’s easy to lose that sense of play when you start giving every audition a lot of meaning + importance.

    And even though you have rent or a mortgage to pay, getting back to playing in the  audition room will help you succeed every time. (more…)

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