Actors: What if you don’t feel “beautiful enough” to succeed?

    Do you ever worry that you might not be “good-looking” enough or “thin enough” to succeed as an actor?

    “You’re not good looking enough,” were the exact words Allison Janney heard from an agent in the beginning of her career.  Luckily, she didn’t internalize this mindset + went on to win 5 Emmys.

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    It’s less about beauty + weight and more about owning your uniqueness.

    Where would Melissa McCarthy be today if she allowed negative thoughts about her weight to sabotage her unlimited potential?

    She surely didn’t tell herself she needed to be thin to succeed in Hollywood.  And now she + many other actresses are breaking the mold of what is deemed “beautiful”.

    Ultimately, confidence is always beautiful.  You can be (more…)

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    What To Do When You Are Not Booking The Job: 7 Tips To Turn Things Around

    It can happen to any actor—you feel like you are doing everything right, but you are still not booking the job.  It’s easy to over-analyze your actions, your wardrobe, your choices, your hair, your age, or your talent. This kind of thinking can lead you to endless frustration.

    If you feel that you are being a professional, showing up on time, being prepared, doing your best in the audition room, but just not booking, then it might be time to shift things internally. (more…)

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    Bring A Sense Of Freedom + Play…

    When you bring a sense of freedom + play into your work, you appear so engaged + effortless, that you draw people to you.

    When you are present in each real moment, the audience can’t wait to see what you will do next.

    When you are planning + plotting what you will do, the audience is somehow not feeling authenticity from you, since in life, we cannot know what will happen next, until it actually happens.

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    Here are some simple, but effective mantras to remind you to bring a sense of freedom + play to all you do… (more…)

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    4 Steps For Dealing With Audition Anxiety

    Most actors in the waiting room at auditions are filled with fear and anxiety. Some of them judge it, blame it, shame it, and do anything to try to push it away.  What happens when you reject fear?  It grows.  It takes over.  It stops you from connecting to your best + most present self and bringing that energy in the audition room.

    Here are 4 steps for dealing with audition anxiety. (more…)

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    5 Ways To Overcome Self-Sabotage

    Do you feel stuck in your career? As much as we’d like to blame our agents or the economy for what is lacking, sometimes it’s best to take a real, honest look at how YOU might be getting in your OWN way.  It’s time to take a good look at self-sabotage and how you can take your power back!

    Here are 5 ways actors sabotage themselves, and what you can do about it: (more…)

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