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The #1 Mistake Actors Make At Auditions + How To Reverse It

When you are at an audition and you are attached to getting the job or getting a callback, what happens? Your body tenses, your mind tells you it’s not possible and you begin an inner struggle that broadcasts as desperate or needy.

Here are 4 steps to releasing your attachment to the outcome.

What happens when you release all attachments?
When you let go of your thoughts of needing or wanting the job, you can now bring your authentic self with you into the audition. You are living in the present moment, not trying to control the outcome, not trying to twist the circumstances, but simply enjoying the moment for what it is. The energy that you are now broadcasting is one of ease, fun, play and confidence. Who do you want to hire?

Why attachment doesn’t work?
Being attached actually hinders our ability to manifest our desires. Attachment is actually a form of poverty consciousness. It’s your Ego not believing there is an abundance of auditions, jobs or money, so it has to MAKE this one happen. What happens when we try to make something happen? Our grip on it usually squeezes too tight and we crush the opportunity. So it actually works against us!

In order to acquire anything in the physical universe,
you have to relinquish your attachment to it.
This doesn’t mean you give up your intention to create your desire…
and you don’t give up the desire.
You give up your attachment to the result.”
~Deepak Chopra

What to do about it? Be detached, not disconnected. 
It’s not that you give up caring about your desires, but that you instead feel connected to your highest self and knowing that there’s always another ship that comes into the port, and another, and another. When you begin to relax and live in a space of abundance and ease, that’s when more positive experiences begin showing up as evidence of a shift in your own energy.

4 Steps to Releasing Your Attachments

1) Become Awarea.
The more aware you can become, the easier you can feel the emotion and let it go. But the first step is to simply notice the energy when it comes up.

2) Ask Yourself
Ask yourself “What part of me is attached to having this work out in a specific way for me to be happy?” You will actually find that it is not YOU, bur your MIND.

3) Get Present
The best way to return to the present moment, is simply by taking a deep breath and just saying “I am here, now.” Look around the room at the space you are in, notice your breath and bring yourself to the current moment. This is where all your power lies.

4) New Self Talk = New Energy
Now, when you can walk in an audition and say, “This, or something even better,” or “Everything always works out for me,” you allow the part of you that loves acting in on the moment, vs. letting your ego to try to control the audition.

Here’s to feeling detached, present and having more fun at your next audition than ever before!

I’d love to hear what YOU do tell yourself right before you walk into an audition.  Leave a comment below.

~ Wendy Braun

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