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I No Longer Use My Acting Career To Define My Worth

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Morning Mindset Meditation 

I no longer use my career to define my worth.

Although I enjoy auditioning + working as an actor, I no longer use what is happening (or not happening) in my career to define my value.

I am so much more than my career, my credits, my reel, or my looks. I am a being of infinite worth and value.  I have so many unique gifts.

I find joy in the simple pleasures of life, instead of waiting for certain circumstances in my career to bring me joy.

I know even the most successful actors go through slow periods, + when it’s slow for me, I use that time to further deepen my self-love + seek out what brings me the most joy.

I take a deep breath in + feel my self-love expand, I exhale + let go of allowing my career to run my life’s happiness.

What if I attached no meaning to what is or isn’t going on in my career? I know it all begins with my perception.  What if I see it all with a new lens, today?

As I find joy in my life as it is right now, trust in the process + take inspired action, career success always seems to find me.

I no longer allow what is going on in my career to control my happiness,  since I know it works better the other way around.

I do something this week that uplifts me + brings me joy that has nothing to do with my career.  I relax about it all.

What would it take for me to no longer allow my career to define my worth this week?

Want to bring your most worthy self into your next audition + on to your next job?

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