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I Allow My LIght To Shine Brightly

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Morning Mindset Meditation

I allow my light to shine brightly.

I take a deep breath in + make the choice today to expand my light and allow it to shine brighter than ever before.

I exhale + no longer allow self-doubt, negativity and fear to run my inner-mind and dim my essence.

When I believe a negative thought about myself to be true, in essence, I am stopping my light from shining by forming a dark cloud within me.

My inner light is always there.  I can remove the dark clouds I have placed over my light at any time.

What do I gain for not allowing my light to shine?  What is the payoff?

When I shine brightly, I unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  Everyone wins.

In every audition, every meeting, every callback and on every job, I radiate the glowing love and light within me.

What would it take this week to allow my light to shine brightly?

Want to bring your best light into your next audition + on to ever set or stage?

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