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There Is No Competition

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Morning Mindset Meditation

As I walk into my next audition, callback, job or meeting,I love what it feels like to feel that there is no competition.

I take a deep breath in and know there is no competition, because there is only one me.

I exhale and release any concern about what others are doing, wearing, or saying.

In all of eternity there will never be another actor exactly like me.

I bring to my acting all of my experiences, my joy, my pain, my heart, my soul, my love, and my passion.

I am a unique being on this planet. I have gifts to share that no one else can offer.

I expand my ability to receive. As I allow others to succeed, I silently give myself permission to succeed as well.

There is enough for us all. I love what it feels like to feel there is no competition.

What would it take for me to know this week, that there really is no competition, because there is no one exactly like me?

This is just the beginning of one of the 13-tracks in the album:

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